Jen talked to Perez about Brad?!

Jennifer Aniston

So apparently after a run-in with Perez Hilton where she called him out for being mean (instead of for being a colossal hack), Jennifer Aniston apparently spoke with Perez about how she talks to Brad Pitt on occasion and the two are apparently on good terms. Now if all the magazine covers would please stop saying they're either in love with each other or trying to annihilate each other in nuclear warfare, that would be just peachy keen. "Jen MORE

Is Jennifer Aniston really happy?

Jennifer Aniston

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Jennifer Aniston and Tila Tequila?!

Jennifer Aniston and Tila Tequila

Oh who are we kidding, this is just padding between now and when Lindsay Lohan gets thrown in the slammer. Regardless, Jennifer Aniston went on Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis where she got blindsided with an appearance by Tila Tequila. The best part of this entire thing: Apparently, Jen had no idea Tila was going to be there, so that look of thinly-veiled disdain? Completely real. I have never seen a woman so intent on shooting lasers MORE

Jennifer Aniston Vs. Perez Hilton!

Jennifer Aniston and Perez Hilton

As much as I do occasionally make fun of her, I really do like Jennifer Aniston. Her movies aren't great, sure, but she's a good girl. That being said, the fact that she ran into Perez Hilton and gave him, at best, a stern talking to for basically just being a shitty gossip blogger? Dammit to hell, Aniston. Dammit straight to hell. "I ran into Perez Hilton in a garage. One of those moments you just never expect to happen. I had finished dinner MORE

Is Jennifer Aniston finally going to adopt?!


Well, that's what the latest issue of Star magazine is suggesting with its brand new cover ... this rumor has gone around so many times over the years, I'll only believe it when I actually see Jen with a baby in her arms! I feel like we're not going to see her adopting anytime soon, I think she's perfectly happy with her life (and her bank account) but still remains a constant tabloid target all because Brad Pitt left her years ago for Angelina MORE

Even Jennifer Aniston hated ‘The Rachel’!

Remember The Rachel? Oh come on, I was four-years-old when my mother got The Rachel, even I can remember it. On the long list of celebrity hairstyles, it was still probably one of the better ones (at the very least, it was better than The Bieber) but apparently, Jennifer Aniston was never a fan of it. Who knew? "How do I say this? I think it was the ugliest haircut I've ever seen," she says. "What I really want to know is, how did that thing have MORE

Please just stop, Chelsea Handler!

Oh God ... I love Chelsea Handler, I really do, but shut the hell up please, I am begging you. Chelsea decided to talk more about her two year old Angelina Jolie joke and how Jennifer Aniston is hysterical and oh my God stop, please just for the love little baby tap-dancing Jesus just STOP. On her good friend Jennifer Aniston: "Jennifer Aniston makes me laugh. She's irreverent and hilarious, and she sends me really, really funny e-mails." On MORE

Stop it, enough with this, it’s over, let’s move on!

Surprise, surprise! Yup, it's yet another Star magazine cover featuring Jennifer Aniston still pining away for her ex-husband Brad Pitt even though their marriage ended FIVE YEARS AGO! Unfortunately we are going to be subjected to cover stories like this until Ms. Aniston finally lands herself in a stable and happy relationship, but with her love track record, girlfriend isn't going to be escaping from these type of rumors anytime soon - it's MORE

Chelsea has been making fun of Angelina for years!

After video of Chelsea Handler's rant on Angelina Jolie hit the web yesterday, Chelsea decided to go on her show and defend herself by saying that she's been making fun of her for years and that it has nothing to do with her new friend, Jennifer Aniston, the woman whose husband that bitch stole. On her show, Chelsea Lately, Monday night, Handler addressed the tirade, brushing it off as more of the same. "I've been making fun of Angelina Jolie MORE

Chelsea called Angelina a “C-U-Next-Tuesday”!

Just a quick public service announcement here: If you ever go see a comedian on tour, do not heckle them. These are people who are paid to be funny and mean simultaneously; you will not win that fight. And you REALLY shouldn't do it with Chelsea Handler, or else she'll call you and Angelina Jolie homewrecking (word that rhymes with bunts). "She can rescue as many babies from as many countries as she wants to," Chelsea said. "I don't f**king MORE

Jennifer Aniston: Homewrecker?!

Now that Courtney Cox has dumped David Arquette, and the David is taking the fast lane Batshit-Crazy Town, U.S.A., David has decided to come clean about what really broke up their marriage. No, it wasn't the fact that David repeatedly banged a 28-year-old waitress and talked about his wife's private life in public. It was Jennifer Aniston! Wait, what? At the screening of new movie The Legend of Hallow Dega last week, a source said: 'David MORE

Jennifer Aniston is (still) an eligible woman!

Another day, another story about how Jennifer Aniston is still single. Seriously. Anyway, Jennifer topped a poll of the most eligible single women out there, and before you take this as some sort of major victory, you should probably know right now that the list also included Betty White and supreme court justice Elena Kagan. Yay? The currently-unattached actress, 41, was voted the most eligible single woman in the world, according to a 60 MORE

FilmBytes: Jennifer Aniston, Please ‘Switch’ back to TV!

Jennifer Aniston's new artificial insemination comedy The Switch failed to hit big in its crowded opening weekend (Five new wide releases? Craziness) but Hollywood isn't likely to give up on her as a leading lady. Her movies are rarely memorable or well reviewed but they do okay and occasionally break out. That's apparently enough when you're as well liked as she. What's more troubling is that her movie characters just aren't as awesome or funny MORE

Jennifer Aniston and Jon Stewart dated?!

Because Jennifer Aniston really, really, REALLY wants you to see The Switch, she went on The Daily Show last night where she revealed that she once went on a date with Jon Stewart. Really. All I can say is, the girl missed out. Jennifer Aniston is super pretty and all, but let's face it: Jon Stewart? Woof! ... That's gay for 'hot', by the way. "You were adorable!" Stewart, 47, told the actress. "I asked you out, we went out! To an Italian MORE