MTV to cancel ‘Teen Mom 2′ because of Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans

Does anyone remember Teen Mom? It was one of the first MTV reality shows that took stupid dickish people, then gave them money for being stupid and dickish instead of encouraging to make their lives better or otherwise not exploiting a group of dumb rednecks. Well, turns out that dumping money onto an irresponsible teenager with no maternal instinct blew up in their face, and in light of Jenelle Evans' recent breakdown, Page Six is reporting that MORE

Ke$ha is a bastion of rational advice


If you haven't seen it by now, Teen Mom famewhore Jenelle Evans showed the kind of brilliant decision making you'd expect from someone on Teen Mom by choosing to go to jail over a year of probation, and then had a melt down when she realized she'd miss a Ke$ha concert. Yes, seriously. If this dumb scrotum had to fend for herself for any more than five minutes, she'd probably end up being eaten by wolves. Anyway, HuffPo thought it would be a good MORE

Oh look, one of the Teen Mom whores also punches women!

Jenelle Evans

Soooooo ... what? Is women-beating the new yoga or something? Ugh. Anyway, TMZ has obtained video of one of the white trash famewhores from Teen Mom 2 (SEQUELS. THEY ARE MAKING SEQUEL TO THIS FUCKING SHIT) going completely aggro on a woman she's been verbally harassing, pinning her to the ground and punching the ever-living shit out of her. Hey Russel Simmons, why aren't you defending this bitch? Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans ferociously MORE