Jean Dujardin’s French F-Bomb at the Oscars

Jean Dujardin

Is it just me, or is there something just inherently sexy about hot men saying dirty words? Just me? Anyhoo, Jean Dujardin picked up a much deserved Oscar last night for Best Actor in The Artist, and in his acceptance speech, he ended up dropping an F-bomb, although it was in French so it's not like anyone would care ... oh, wait, here comes the entitled assholes who have apparently never communicated with actual people to get all bent out of MORE

Links: Have you seen ‘The Artist’ yet?

The Artist

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See ‘The Artist’ this holiday weekend!

The Artist

If you haven't seen my favorite movie of 2011, The Artist, now is your chance, the critically-acclaimed film is expanding to over twenty new markets this holiday weekend! It was recently nominated for six Golden Globe awards, and is bound to garner a number of Oscar nominations, hopefully walking out with a bunch of well-deserved wins. It's such an incredibly joyful film, I can't say enough about this cinema lovers treat, plus to be honest I MORE

Review: The Artist

The Artist

I’m going to be honest with you. When I first saw the trailer for The Artist, I didn’t think it was a movie I’d want to pay to see. The concept of an entirely silent movie about the death of silent movies seemed a little too pretentiously cute for me, all the way to its title. “How very meta. We get it,” I thought to myself as I dismissed it from my “must-see” list. “This is obviously just trying to be different for the sake of MORE

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The Artist

If you told me last year that I'd be proclaiming a silent B/W film the best picture of 2011, I'd call you crazy but that's exactly what I'm doing! When I was sent a pitch about The Artist a few weeks ago, I watched the trailer and slowly realized that no one was talking! I asked my contact if this happened to be a silent film, he fessed up immediately but was convinced that I'd enjoy it and should definitely see it. Lo and behold, he was MORE