Steve Hirsch finally called out Farrah Abraham

Steve Hirsch and Farrah Abraham

Before releasing her porno (not a sex tape, a porno) Farrah Abraham was looking down the barrel of obscurity, since her only notable career achievements were "having a kid when she was a teenager" and "ruining her kid". But then Steve Hirsch gave her a chance to make some honest money by shooting a porn with Vivid Video, even booking James Deen for her! Naturally, she thanked him by crapping all over him and James. Thankfully, Steve finally had MORE

It took two whole days to prove Farrah Abraham was lying

Farrah Abraham

Last Friday, Vivid Video released a sequel porno featuring Farrah Abraham, so of course it only took a matter of hours before Farrah was lying about how it was a "sex tape" and that she never signed off on it. Except oh look, here's TMZ with proof that it totally was a porno and that she absolutely did give Vivid Video permission to release it. Abraham is upset over Vivid releasing a follow-up video to Backdoor Teen Mom ... claiming she never MORE

Farrah Abraham is already selling out Vivid Video

Farrah Abraham

Earlier today, I talked about Farrah Abraham and her porno she lied is a sex tape, wondering how long it would take before she inevitably sold out Vivid Video because she's a lying little sociopath. If you guessed "a few hours" then hooray! You win! You bet on Farrah being the worst person imaginable and it paid off. TMZ reports ... Farrah's lawyer tells TMZ ... his client did not give Vivid honcho Steve Hirsch permission to release a sequel MORE

Farrah Abraham’s sex tape … the sequel … ugh

Farrah Abraham

Lying liar who tells lies Farrah Abraham said that her last sex tape (read: porno) ruined her life and that she wasn't a porn star. So of course, she made another sex tape (read: porno) which I'm sure she'll lie about some more. FishWrapper reports ... The movie is called "Farrah 2: Backdoor and More," and it comes with the rock-solid guarantee that this tape isn't the "at home" sex tape she tried to play off as a leak like the first time MORE

Farrah Abraham: Still lying about her sex tape / porno

Farrah Abraham

Despite the fact that Farrah Abraham released a professionally made porno, made with actual porn stars and a camera crew by Vivid Video whom she emailed a script to beforehand, Farrah is still trying to pretend it was a "sex tape". Uh-huh. Well, apparently on last night's episode of Couples Therapy, she lied to everyone about how it was a "sex tape" and that there was no camera person on hand even though she literally said there was just moments MORE

Farrah Abraham wrote her ‘sex tape’ all by herself!

Farrah Abraham

Remember how, when Farrah Abraham first released Backdoor Teen Mom, she tried to tell everyone that it was a private sex tape that just so happened to star James Deen by sheer coincidence (He's WAY too good for all these chicken-sh!t gigs)? And absolutely no one believed her because she's Farrah? Well, it gets better: Turns out, she basically tried to write an entire porno all by herself, and guess what? She's hopelessly clueless! RadarOnline MORE

Whatever Girl: Farrah Abraham thinks porn ruined her life

Farrah Abraham

Stop me if you heard this one before: vaguely noteworthy, E-list attention-seeker makes a sextape in order to launch a reality TV career. She pretends it "leaked" even though she pretty much orchestrated the whole thing from beginning to end. She gets on a reality TV show. Newly kind of famous famewhore tries to pretend porn ruined her life because it's easier to blame an easy external scapegoat than it is to admit that she's just a terrible MORE

Lindsay Lohan: Blamed for the failure of ‘The Canyons’

Lindsay Lohan and James Deen

Do we really need to recap what went wrong with The Canyons? We do? Ugh, all right fine, but I'm going to do abbreviated version: Lindsay Lohan was hired as the lead on The Canyons during her mess days. Her bad behavior on the set becomes huge news. The Canyons eventually gets released, and critics panned it, but didn't necessarily shred it. If anything, the acting was one of the high points for most critics. Well, writer Bret Easton Ellis has MORE

Farrah Abraham only got $10,000 for her sex tape

Farrah Abraham

Back when Farrah Abraham first released her "sex tape" which actually turned out to be a porno for which she wanted plausible deniability, Farrah claimed that she made a million. Turns out, much like everything else Farrah said about her sex tape, this was a slight exaggeration. According to Fox 411, if you knock off a couple zeroes from her paycheck, you'll get the actual amount she earned: $10,000. One source close to the situation tells MORE

Lindsay Lohan got added to ‘The Canyons’ poster

The Canyons

I don't know about you, but personally I'm super anxious to see The Canyons with Lindsay Lohan and porn star James Deen on August 2nd when it lands in select theaters. The Paul Schrader directed film will also be available on digital outlets such as iTunes and SundanceNow. The Canyons (based on Bret Easton Ellis' book) is going to either be amazing or a complete disaster, I hope for LiLo's sake that it's decent, girlfriend seriously needs some MORE

LiLo’s ‘The Canyons’ finally has an official trailer

The Canyons

After the almost year-long media circus that was the production of The Canyons, it looks like Lindsay Lohan's new movie is finally getting an official release date (August 2nd) and a trailer. And while we're here, can we talk about how every movie is becoming increasingly more and more self-aware? Because half of this trailer is about how no one is going out to see movies in theatres anymore. We get it: You're a film. Film is an important medium. MORE

Howard Stern & JD Harmeyer call out Farrah Abraham

Farrah Abraham

Ever since Teen Mom famewhore Farrah Abraham decided to release a porno after realizing she can only coast on being a terrible mother for so long, Farrah's been lying up and down about just about everything: Her porno was a personal sex tape! Her co-star James Deen threatened her! She was optioning it around to other companies! Thankfully, Howard Stern decided to bring her on his show, where he and his producer JD Harmeyer called her out on her MORE

Farrah Abraham is f*cking insane!

Apparently, Farrah Abraham woke up this morning, looked at her daughter and thought, "hmmmm, what can I do today to get more attention while simultaneously proving that I'm a terrible mother who will some day ruin her daughter?" And then Farrah decided to go on King Mac Radio to talk about how she plans on showing her sex tape to her daughter when she turns 13. Did you hear that Child Protective Services? DID YOU HEAR THAT BULLSH!T? Also, she MORE

Farrah Abraham thinks she’s pregnant now?!

You would figure that after getting pregnant when she was a teenager, Farrah Abraham would have taken it upon herself to find out how exactly people get pregnant. Except you'd be giving her way too much credit, because I don't think Farrah is smart enough to piss her pants without a funnel. Anyway, Farrah was spotted by TMZ shopping for pregnancy tests, and is apparently convinced that she got pregnant thanks to the recent porn she filmed with MORE