Preview: ‘Glee’ covers “Call Me Maybe”

Darren Criss - Glee

Just one more day until the new season of Glee starts! I know, weird huh? New characters, new locations for some of the veterans ... after a spotty third season, this may be the creative jolt the show could use. Anyway, after a summer hiatus, the show is coming back with a cover of Carly Rae Jepsen's smash hit "Call Me Maybe," which -- if I'm reading the synopsis right -- will serve as the group's audition for "The New Rachel." Personally, my MORE

Heather Morris has alleged nude pics too!

Heather Morris

After the web was blessed with the double whammy of Christina Hendricks' and Olivia Munn's alleged-but-probably-fake nude pictures last week, there was apparently just enough miracle left over for one more go around, which is why there are now alleged nude photos of Heather Morris, who some of you might remember as one of the last reasons to still watch Glee at this point, because it sure as hell isn't for that Finn/Rachel ridiculous marriage MORE

Heather Morris removed her breast implants!

Heather Morris

It really does surprise me that Glee star Heather Morris would ever change her body, mostly because her figure is absolutely STUNNING, and I swear to God I wish I had her abs. Anyway, it turns out, Morris had some work done a while ago to enhance her titties, but decided that she didn't like them and had them removed. The Huffington Post reports: Unlike some of her more notorious peers, Morris admits to having had breast implants. She then, in MORE

Glee’s Brittany S. Pierce got her own talk show!

Heather Morris

Yup. I'm posting about fictional characters now. Believe me, it's hard to top something like "OSAMA BIN LADEN IS DEAD", so I guess Hollywood figures they can take the rest of the week off. Well you can't famous people! Someone get drunk and punch a baby already! Jesus! Anyway, here's a clip from tonight's episode of Glee which features Brittany (played by Heather Morris) hosting her own talk show, Fondue for Two. And to be honest, it's kind of MORE

Heather Morris’ sexy dancing … who can resist?

Heather Morris

As the new best part about Glee (sorry Sue Sylvester, but your character is undefined and two-dimensional. GTFO), we sometimes focus too much on the fact that Heather Morris has amazing comedic timing and we forget that she is GODDAMN MIND-BOGGLINGLY HOT. Thankfully, the good people at Esquire magazine got her to dance to a bunch of songs that they think you should be listening to right now and ... just ... holy mother of God, she makes me want MORE

Heather Morris might be the new Buffy!

Alright, so at first I heard that Buffy was getting a reboot that wasn't in comic form (God bless you, unofficial season 8!), I was all like "YAY!" but then I found out that series creator Joss Whedon, nor any of the original cast, were involved, and I was all like "Fuck no!" And now Heather Morris, the second best part about Glee (sorry Kurt) is being considered for the roll of Buffy, and I'm all like "Okay, I'm listening ... " "They're MORE