Rihanna has a mullet now? Oh dear …


Normally, I'm not one to comment on a woman's hair, since I basically just crewcut mine off because I'm too cheap and too lazy to go to a proper stylist. That being said, we need to discuss this because Rihanna has a mullet. A mullet. Business in the front, rat-tail in the back as seen in this Instagram pic taken at McDonald's of all places. It's not that terrible, but at some point, you need to step back and ask yourself, "should I be sporting a MORE

Beyoncé debuts a new pixie haircut!


I wish Beyoncé was breaking news about a new album yet instead I'll have to settle for these pictures from her Instagram showing off her brand-new pixie haircut! I think she looks fabulous as per always, but sassy new hairstyles aside, we really need to hear something about her next release, anything at this point would be highly appreciated! I wonder what the hold up is?! I swore she would have dropped a new album on us during the spring, but MORE

Celebrity Instagram: Rihanna goes ice grey-ish! #brrr


Rihanna always loves to shake things up, and here she is with her new 'ice grey-ish' hair, which she's simply referring to as #brrr, it's totally hot on her. Make sure to follow RiRi on Instagram, she's constantly posting fun and crazy pictures of herself to keep everyone on their toes! MORE

Miley Cyrus’ hair looks like this now …

Miley Cyrus

I know not everyone is in love with the Pixie haircut, but honestly, I always thought it was cute. Plus you don't have to worry about the upkeep or having schmutz get tangled in it, so there's that too. So seeing Miley Cyrus with a pixie haircut isn't all that bad for me. It's a cute look, and to be honest, she kind of looks like Robyn now, which is never a bad thing. That being said: the shaving of the sides of the head. Ladies, I'm telling you MORE

Nicki Minaj takes fashion tips from Marge Simpson!

Nicki Minaj and Marge Simpson

In news that really shouldn't shock anyone considering the comparisons have been made since she first started, Nicki Minaj revealed that her huge, multi-colored beehive wigs were inspired by none other than Marge Simpson. In completely unrelated news, Lil Kim just released a diss track about The Simpsons which you can buy on Paypal, because girl is broke as shit. "Never did I think I would be rocking the Marge Simpson," Minaj told People MORE

Slick it like Beckham!

David Beckham

I will never get tired of seeing pictures of hottie David Beckham, I hope y'all feel the exact same way! Sexy soccer star David Beckham was spotted leaving a photo shoot in Los Angeles on March 28th, 2011. Becks showed off a new slicked back hairstyle wearing khaki shorts, a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses and flip flops. PHOTOS | FAME PICTURES MORE

crystal gayle still rockin’ her long hair!

good evening! i finally made it to the beach today but it was a little chilly for my taste and a drop overcast - i trekked all the way down very early in the morning to san diego to go to torrey pines state beach (a totally awesome beach) which was about a two hour drive down but like a 3.5 hour drive back - oh my gosh traffic on the I5 interstate was a total drag! the most color i got was on my right shoulder simply from driving! i think next MORE