Links: Guess who’s wearing those hideous jeans?

Guess who's wearing these jeans?

→ Click the picture above to find out who was caught in those dreadful jeans! Celebslam → Kathy Griffin: This is Cher, bitches, do what she says ... and God bless America! CityRag → Lady Gaga talks about why she voted for President Barack Obama again! PopCrush → Cameron Diaz got shot down when she tried to work her magic on Robert Pattinson Yeeeah → Owl City singer Adam Young is ready to go on a date with Taylor Swift MORE

Uh oh! Guess who was caught wearing mom jeans?!

OH NO! MOM JEANS! RING THE ALARM! When mom jeans attack, everyone needs to watch out! Find out who's the fashion victim this time ... AFTER THE JUMP! (Hint: It's not usual suspect Jessica Simpson, who now resides comfortably in the Mom Jean Hall of Fame) MORE

Guess who’s about to trip themselves …

good morning! so it looks like someone is about to trip over themselves because of an undone lace (did you ever get your shoe lace caught up while riding a bike? that's the worst!) can you guess who might be eating the pavement soon if she doesn't lace up her boots properly? yes ... it's a girl ... i figured the toenail polish would be a big clue - find out who it is after the jump ... GO! it's my darling courtney love looking like train MORE

Guess who was changing in public …

hey hey! i normally don't do 'guess who' posts but i couldn't resist tossing up these pictures of a sexy certain someone changing out in public just the other day whose bulge if fully exposed might actually give hottie david beckham's bulge a run for its money! » find out who was changing after the jump ... GO! MORE