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  • The 57th Grammy Awards Winners

    So The Grammys Were Handed Out Last Night …

    Look, I’ll be honest here: I actually have an entire screed I want to tack on here, but before I…

  • Sara Bareilles

    How Random: Sara Bareilles fired Jonah Hill’s brother after he picked a fight with Sharon Osbourne

    Sometimes, a story will get thrown our way that, for the life of me, makes absolutely no friggin’ sense. A…

  • Anna Kendrick

    Katy Perry finger-banged Anna Kendrick’s boobs?

    I literally couldn’t have written a more click-baiting title if I renamed this post “You Won’t Believe How The Top…

  • Miley Cyrus

    Miley Cyrus was just delightful at Clive Davis’ party

    As much as I like Miley Cyrus, and as much as I appreciate what she’s trying to do in regards…

  • Macklemore, Mary Lambert, Madonna, Ryan Lewis, and Queen Latifah

    Macklemore & Ryan Lewis hosted a mass Grammys wedding

    So the big moment of the Grammy Awards last night was the performance by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis with Mary…

  • Daft Punk and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

    So The Grammy Awards were last night …

    Yeah, I know, the Grammy Awards were last night and SO MUCH STUFF HAPPENED! We’ll get to it, we swear,…

  • Kanye West

    Q: What’s Kanye West ranting about today? A: The Grammys

    All right, you know the deal: Someone gave Kanye West a microphone and now he’s ranting again. This time, it…

  • Justin Bieber and Patrick Carney

    Justin Bieber vs. The Black Keys

    If you were wondering if Justin Bieber would ever let go of the fact that he wasn’t nominated for a…

  • Adele and Chris Brown

    Adele has no love for Chris Brown

    Just in case you were wondering if Adele could get any more impossibly perfect than she already is, the answer…

  • Taylor Swift

    Taylor Swift mocked Harry Styles at the Grammys

    Taylor Swift got to open the Grammys last night with a Cirque de so-lame meets Alice in Wonderland mess, which…

  • Chris Brown

    Chris Brown is gracious in defeat

    Despite the fact that his album was a critical flop, Chris Brown somehow managed to get a Grammy nomination, because…

  • Chris Brown and Rihanna

    So the Grammys were last night …

    Look, usually after an awards show, we do one quick post to wrap things up and leave it at that.…