GQ US shades GQ UK over Kim Kardashian on Twitter

Kim Kardashian

Last week, the world found out that Kim Kardashian (WEST) had been names GQ's Woman of the Year, resulting in a collective "Her?" from around the world. But it turns out, that was only for the UK edition. The magazine's US counterpart wasn't happy with the fact that they were getting blamed for the UK team's terrible taste in famous women, and decided to voice their opinion on Twitter MORE

I’m not sure Kanye West understands what a blowfish is …

Kanye West

Let me start off by saying that Kanye West is good at many things, such as music, and ... did I say music? All right, so just music, but he's really, REALLY good. Unfortunately, somewhere down the line, a tiny devil on his shoulder bent over and whispered in his ear, "Kanye! Being good at one thing means you must be naturally good at everything! Let the world know of your genius thoughts and let no one tell you otherwise!" And then the tiny angel MORE

Scooter Braun is ready to let Justin Bieber fail

Scooter Braun and Justin Bieber

In the course of about four years (give or take) Justin Bieber has gone from "annoyingly over-marketed tween pop singer" to "cultural pariah people are asking Obama to deport." Around this point, you'd figure that his manager Scooter Braun would be taking a long hard look at the decisions he made when shaping a teenage boy into a man. Well, kinda? According to RadarOnline, he's talking about being there for Justin and letting him fail, which ... MORE

Katy Perry grew her boobs through prayer?

Katy Perry

You know what we haven't talked about in a while? Katy Perry's massive boobs. So here she is talking about them to GQ magazine (she's the February 2014 cover girl), and she'll have you know that not only are they real, but she got them from God him / her / shlerself. YES REALLY. “I lay on my back one night and looked down at my feet, and I prayed to God. I said, ‘God, will you please let me have boobs so big that I can’t see my feet when MORE

Cutie Bradley Cooper covers GQ

Bradley Cooper

I've been a huge fan of Bradley Cooper ever since his days on Alias (I still miss that show), it's amazing how far he has come since those days on TV. Here he is on the cover of GQ magazine's January 2014 issue, looking super adorable and totally sexy. Bradley is so damn dreamy ... that smile, those baby blue eyes ... swoon! Right now he's plugging his latest film, American Hustle, which is one of the most entertaining movies I've seen in awhile MORE

GQ’s Least Influential People of 2013 includes Gaga, Miley and Bieber!

Gaga, Miley and Bieber

Given how much self-congratulation comes with the turn of the year, it's pretty appropriate that someone would also want to call out the worst aspects of the year too. Which is why every year, GQ magazine releases their list of the least influential people of the year, just to keep people on their toes. This year, Dennis Rodman made it to the #1 spot for palling around with a murderous dictator, but there was still plenty of room for the likes of MORE

Michael Fassbender covers GQ!

Michael Fassbender

Since it's finally Friday, we can probably all use a bit of eye candy to help finish out the week, so here's German-Irish hottie Michael Fassbender looking sexy and sly as hell on the latest cover of GQ magazine (November 2013). Visit the magazine's website to read the cover story, plus there's a behind-the-scenes video posted below. He also has two much buzzed about films coming out soon (The Counselor and 12 Years a Slave), so get ready for MORE

Russell Brand called out Hugo Boss’ Nazi uniforms!

Russell Brand

Fun fact: turns out, there are tons of businesses and products we use today that had serious Nazi ties. Seriously, look up Volkswagen, Coco Chanel and Hugo Boss. All of them had pretty damning ties to Nazi Germany. A few nights ago, comedian / actor Russell Brand decided to bring up the fact that Hugo Boss made military uniforms for the Nazis during World War II during the British GQ's Men of the Year Awards even though they were sponsoring the MORE

Hottie Alert: Douglas Booth does GQ!

Douglas Booth

I hadn't heard of actor Douglas Booth before but I'm sure glad to see him featured in the latest issue of GQ magazine, the English actor is a total hottie. He's set to make a splash here in the US with a brand-new film adaptation of William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet (due in US theaters on October 11th), also starring Oscar-nominee Hailee Steinfeld (True Grit). There have been countless takes on the tragic tale of star-crossed lovers but I'm MORE

Awkward Family Photo: Maya Rudolph & Danny McBride

Awkward Family Photo: Maya Rudolph & Danny McBride

Bridesmaids scene-stealer Maya Rudolph and redneck-comedy king Danny McBride appear in a photo shoot inspired by the legendary website "Awkward Family Photos" for GQ's June Comedy issue. The two stars have been busy working on their highly-anticipated summer movies (Rudolph in The Way, Way Back and McBride in This Is The End), but made time to adopt six fake families, throw on some matching outfits, and sit for some of the most delightfully MORE

James Franco covers GQ’s comedy issue!

James Franco

Ok, yes we all know James Franco can sometimes be a bit annoying and obnoxious (some would call that a massive understatement), but I think he's super sexy and quite talented (except when it comes to stuff like hosting the Academy Awards, just ask Anne Hathaway). Check him out looking totally adorable on the June 2013 cover of GQ magazine, their annual comedy issue, click here for more cute photos of James inside the magazine taken by Terry MORE

Andy Cohen does GQ!

Andy Cohen

I think Andy Cohen is the type of person you either totally love or he just annoys the hell out of you. I happen to adore Andy, I watch his late-night Bravo talk show, Watch What Happens Live, pretty much every evening it's on. He's being featured in the February issue of GQ magazine, looking totally sharp and sexy, check out a few choice quotes below (he claims Jenny McCarthy is the one woman who could possibly turn him straight!), and head over MORE

Beyoncé: The hottest woman of the 21st century!


With less than a month until her Super Bowl halftime performance, we’ve been patiently waiting for the Beyoncé promotional storm to hit. Well, praise the heavens because she is finally back in our lives in the form of a jaw-dropping GQ cover. Shot by the ever popular and ever creepy Terry Richardson, Beyoncé just looks stunning. In fact, there aren’t even enough adjectives for gorgeous to describe how we feel about this cover. The MORE

Oh hey, Rihanna’s naked again. Spiffy!


Oh who am I kidding, you're not reading this, are you? You just clicked the link to see Rihanna naked on the cover of the latest issue of GQ, didn't you? No, it's cool, I get it. I'm just going to slip in this blockquote and quietly take the rest of the day off. All yours, NY Daily News ... The singer oozes unbridled sex appeal in a series of GQ snaps featuring her mostly naked body and a strategically placed motorcycle jacket, manicured hand MORE