Best of the Best: The TV Class of 2012


We here at PopBytes have never been a huge fan of ‘best of’ lists. They always seem to miss our favorites. So when it comes to looking back at the best television of 2012, we like to hand out some TV superlatives here and there. Class clown? Most likely to succeed? They’re all here. Enjoy! Best in Show: Girls Of all the shows that hit the air in 2012, no show had such a uniquely original voice as HBO’s Girls. Lena Dunham’s MORE

Courtney Stodden got owned by ‘Gossip Girl’

Courtney Stodden

Because there's really nothing funnier than stupid, no-talent famewhores being made fun of in front of millions of people, Gossip Girl decided to take a shot at Courtney Stodden during the show, basically saying that no one actually knows who she is, and the people who do find her about as sexy and likeable as a landmine. But of course, Courtney is dumb as hell and starved for attention, so all she heard was "blah blah blah Courtney Stodden MORE

Leighton Meester’s mom is just terrific!

Leighton Meester

So it turns out while I was silently pretending that Gossip Girl wasn't a thing (no, I don't care about Selena or whatsisname, and please stop asking me to care), star Leighton Meester was actually being a pretty cool cucumber by sending her mother $7,500 a month in order to care for her younger brother, who happens to have severe medical conditions and needs tons of care. Except whoops! Turns out her mother may or may not have accidentally spent MORE

Taylor Momsen got fired from ‘Gossip Girl’

Taylor Momsen, Penn Badgley and Jessica Szohr

Well, it was only a matter of time anyway. After years after mouthing off and bashing her own show and acting in general, Taylor Momsen finally achieved her goal of being fired from Gossip Girl. And to think, all she had to do was talk about vibrators, bitch out other actresses and act unprofessional to the point where Tim Gunn called her out. And, some chick named Jessica Szohr got shitcanned to. Who? Exactly. Series stars Taylor Momsen MORE