Just Because He’s Cute: Glee’s Cory Monteith!

Cory Monteith

good evening ladies & gents! i pray everyone out there is watching GLEE - which is hands down the best new television show on right now - i seriously can't say enough about it - i'm a total gleek - i love it! if FOX ever decides to cancel the show - they're going to be so sorry ... i promise to rally the masses to descend on them in massive protest! the cast is super sexy and talented - especially canadian cory monteith who plays cutie 'finn MORE

everyone must watch ‘GLEE’ tonight!

good morning! i'm beyond excited for the special sneak peek tonight at glee - the brand new series from nip/tuck creator ryan murphy which airs on FOX immediately after the final performances on american idol (go adam lambert!) i got an advanced copy of the pilot like two months ago and i immediately fell in love with this adorably quirky show (there's a great sequence featuring amy winehouse's hit rehab) thankfully it's already been picked up by MORE