Lady Gaga: Ready to check you in … AHS: Hotel

Lady Gaga / American Horror Story: Hotel

Normally, the theme, cast and all general details for the next installment of FX's American Horror Story are kept secret until late summer, so as to churn the fanbase into a frothy hotbed of speculation. Except this year they've decided to announce some (stunt) casting early, such as the fact that the fifth time around the title is Hotel and that Lady Gaga will be starring in it. You may now commence all your many wild thoughts, educated guesses MORE

Teaser: FX’s ‘Archer’ … season six!

Archer Season Six

As we previously reported, Archer is coming back for a sixth season on FX in January, albeit without the moniker of ISIS because ... well, you know. Terrorism and all. Anyway, by the looks of the teaser, the sixth season will more or less be hitting the reset button as the cast gets back to work, Cheryl ditches the outlaw country thing, and Pam regains all that weight she lost from cocaine-infused desserts. Also, random aside here: Pam might be MORE

‘Archer’ will be dropping the ISIS name from the show


You know what sucks? Using a name on your show for five years, to the point where it becomes integral to the narrative, only to have real world events come in and completely change the connotations of said name. Which is vaguely what happened to FX's Archer after ISIS popped up over the past year and became the worst thing since Ebola and pumpkin spice lattes. Anyway, a contingency plan has been put in place to ensure that the show quickly and MORE

Footage (+ opening credits) from ‘AHS: Freak Show’

American Horror Story: Freak Show

If the changing leaves and the drop in temperature haven't clued you in already, it's fall. Seriously, can you believe it's October already? Jeez, inexorable march of time, way to suck the fun out of things. The upside here is the premiere of FX's American Horror Story: Freak Show is less than a week away (October 8th), so here's a look at footage from the show. A few errant thoughts as I watched this ... That bored dandy boy with the MORE

‘American Horror Story: Freak Show’ … first extended trailer!

American Horror Story: Freak Show / Sarah Paulson

After a handful of teasers, it looks like American Horror Story: Freak Show (premiering on FX on October 8th) is going for the big reveal with its characters! The first extended trailer, called "Voyeur," was released yesterday, and it features the members of the freak show, including two-headed Sarah Paulson, three-boobed Angela Bassett, bearded Kathy Bates, strong Michael Chiklis, horny Evan Peters, and German Jessica Lange. We also have MORE

‘American Horror Story: Freak Show’ has some new teasers!

American Horror Story: Freakshow

Now that American Horror Story: Freak Show (premiering October 8th on FX) is unleashing their teasers for real this time (along with the just released official character poster posted above), it's time for everyone's favorite game ... Baseless Fan Speculation! The game that accomplishes nothing and just manages to irritate everyone! So, let's see the two new teasers, shall we? All right, so now we have snake man, three-legged acrobat MORE

‘American Horror Story: Freak Show’ has a (REAL) teaser!

American Horror Story: Freakshow

After being duped by that stupid fake (but admittedly pretty well made) teaser earlier this summer, I finally have an actual teaser for FX's American Horror Story: Freakshow (premiering October 8th)! Which raises many questions: Why does this chicken want me to go to the freakshow? Does this chicken own stock in FX? Wouldn't she taste delicious deep fried and seasoned with a special blend of eleven secret herbs and spices? Either way, I'll be MORE

Revealed: Who’s Who on ‘American Horror Story: Freak Show’

American Horror Story: Coven

I think there's still like three months until FX's American Horror Story: Freakshow premieres, and while the web desperately clings to fake season four trailers to tide us over (whoops ... fell for it!), here's the character / cast list that leaked online. The unofficial who's who, via Out magazine ... Jessica Lange is Elsa Mars Emma Roberts is Maggie Sarah Paulson is the dual role of Siamese twins Bette and Dot (a vision to MORE

First Look: American Horror Story: Freak Show

American Horror Story: Coven

UPDATE: Turns out this teaser is actually fake … but I must say it's quite well done! I'm pretty sure we won't be seeing FX's American Horror Story: Freakshow for another few months or so, but who cares?! Here's the first teaser (called 'Fallen Angel' for the new season, which means it's time for RAMPANT SPECULATION BASED OFF OF A SHORT CLIP WHICH HISTORICALLY ISN'T ACTUALLY INDICATIVE OF ANYTHING ACTUALLY ON THE SHOW! So I'm guessing MORE

And now, a lesson in ninja safety with Lana from ‘Archer’

Archer Season Five

Archer is returning to FX in almost a month exactly (Monday, January 13th), so while I huddle next to my TV poking it with a stick until it gives me what I gawddamn want, here's a brand-new promo video for the fifth season! This time, field agent Lana teaches us all about ninja safety in the work place. Specifically, never dress like a ninja at Isis. Lana will straight up murder you. MORE

‘Archer’ teaches us (nothing) about gun safety!


Okay real talk for a second here: whoever is in charge of the promotional work over at Archer deserves a medal. Maybe a nice muffin basket or something. Here's yet another promo video for the upcoming season of Archer (starting up on January 13th on FX), and once again I am left seriously wishing for the existence of a time machine so that I can skip ahead to January just to watch it. I want this so bad, I'm seriously willing to skip MORE

Archer’s Pam Poovey teaches conflict resolution

Pam Poovey

The new season of FX's Archer is two months away (kicking off again in January), but gawddammit if they aren't upping the anticipation with their promo videos. Here's a brand new promo for season five, which features Human Resources Director Pam Poovey teaching us about conflict resolution using puppets. Of course, it goes horribly wrong, but holy crap did this pull a belly laugh out of me. MORE

‘Archer’ recreated “Danger Zone” for S5!

Archer "Danger Zone"

Honestly, I kind of said everything I could say in the title up there. There's no way we can add anything more to this, so we're just going to close up shop for the day. This season five (kicking off in January) promo for FX's Archer is the best the web has to offer for now. Goodnight everybody! MORE

More Teasers + Art from ‘AHS: Coven’

American Horror Story: Coven

After a series of cryptic clues and hints as to the plot of the Coven season of American Horror Story (starting October 9th on FX), here's your first real look at the plot, which kind of reads as an adult version of Harry Potter. Seriously, taking a train to a magical school? That one is smack on the nose, and I don't even care because Jessica Lange is kicking seven asses in this one. Throw in another scene of Dylan McDermott cry-sturbating and MORE