Chris Brown is being sued over his Frank Ocean fight

Chris Brown

You might remember back at the very beginning of the year, Chris Brown got into a fight with Frank Ocean over a parking space. Because Chris is a mature individual like that. Well, now he's finally being sued over it by Ocean's cousin because he suffered a concussion during the fight. Via Radio ... The January fight between Ocean and Brown reportedly started after Brown parked in Ocean’s parking spot outside of a Westlake Recording Studio in MORE

Chris Brown is gracious in defeat

Chris Brown

Despite the fact that his album was a critical flop, Chris Brown somehow managed to get a Grammy nomination, because ... I'm honestly not really sure why. Maybe the Grammys enjoy it when people unironically compare themselves to Jesus? The world may never know. Either way, Chris lost the awards to Frank Ocean, and behaved about as well as you would expect him too. Via TMZ... Chris Brown handled his Grammy defeat to Frank Ocean last night with MORE

Frank Ocean won’t press charges against Chris Brown

Frank Ocean

Despite the fact that it would feel just SO good to see Chris Brown actually be held accountable for his actions for once, Frank Ocean posted on his Tumblr that he's decided to be a better person and show mercy by choosing not to press charges on Chris. While I can respect Frank for taking the high-road and showing compassion to a person for whom it's hard to feel to compassionate, come on ... we were *this* close to throwing his spoiled, violent MORE

Chris Brown got into a fight with Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean and Chris Brown

Hey, remember when Chris Brown nearly beat Rihanna to death? And then everyone shrugged it off, even though he nearly beat his girlfriend to death? Well, it turns out that allowing someone like that to completely dodge any sort of culpability for their actions accomplishes jack-squat, because last night he allegedly got into a fight with Frank Ocean, then left the scene before the cops arrived. Via TMZ ... UPDATE 10:45 PM PT: Police have MORE

The 2013 Grammy nominations are out!

The 55th Grammys

What's that? Another music awards show? Yay! I think it's been a whole two hours since the last one! But in all seriousness, The 55th Grammys (aka the only music awards show that actually matters) are coming up, and the list of nominees have been released, with Frank Ocean and Fun. the big winners with six nods a piece. I would have posted the entire nomination list here, but it turns out it's actually super long. So we're just going to limit it MORE

Video: Frank Ocean’s “Pyramids”

Frank Ocean "Pyramids"

I haven't caught the latest episode of Saturday Night Live yet, mostly because I spent the weekend celebrating my boyfriend's birthday and taking care of our new puppy. But apparently, Frank Ocean was amazing, and I believe that because, well, he's Frank Ocean. How could he not be awesome? Anyway, after that performance, he released the new (NSFW) music video for "Pyramids," (off his debut album Channel Orange) which features, amongst many MORE

Seth MacFarlane / Frank Ocean will kick off SNL!

Seth MacFarlane and Frank Ocean

Since Seth MacFarlane's directorial debut Ted somehow managed to turn a movie about a foul-mouthed teddy bear into one of the biggest hits of the summer, while Frank Ocean released Channel Orange one of the most critically acclaimed R&B albums of all-time, it would only make sense that Saturday Night Live would recruit them to kick off the brand new season. And what do you know, that's exactly what happened, weird how that works! Via HuffPo MORE

Target won’t carry Frank Ocean’s ‘Channel Orange’

Frank Ocean

After releasing a personal essay last week revealing that he was batting a three or above on the Kinsey Scale, Frank Ocean released his first album, Channel Orange, a week early on iTunes, where it's so far earned some pretty bonkers positive reviews and is already approaching modern day classic status. Except Target has decided not to carry the album in its stores for reasons they haven't yet really explained although if we had to guess ... The MORE

Frank Ocean came out!

Frank Ocean

Did everyone have a happy Independence Day? We sure as hell did, because we got to take ONE WHOLE DAY OFF! Yes, even me, the dirty, pinko, commie Canadian got to take the day off. BOOM! Independence Day! Anyway, fittingly enough, yesterday Frank Ocean from Odd Future Records announced his own form of independence by coming out of the closet, either as bisexual or gay, which pretty much marks the first time a mainstream rap artist has come out MORE