Grammys 2013: Best and worst dressed!

Adele and Beyoncé

BEST DRESSED #1 Florence Welch – Givenchy I can’t stand Florence Welch. She sings like a 90-year-old Bavarian yodeler and typically dresses like a vintage couch. However, I am willing to put aside my personal problems with her to pay tribute to her custom Givenchy. First and foremost, she’s finally wearing a color that doesn’t wash her out. The green is perfection against her skin tone. Second, the dinosaur bumps on the dress are a MORE

Calvin Harris reaches #1 in the UK!

Calvin Harris

The UK charts are burning up again with none other than euphonic master, Calvin Harris who just stole the number one spot with his project 18 Months which is the first album of 2013 to do so. The collection features "Sweet Nothing," a single with Florence Welch on vocals that is also burning up the charts. The music video is beautiful, and I really couldn’t be happier for the both of them with such a wonderful composition in a set of wonderful MORE

Florence Welch is taking a year off!

Florence Welch

Esteemed chanteuse Florence Welch is to be taking a year long break to revamp and write a new record. With the success of her and her “group” ( meaning the group of stringed instruments that follow her as the Machine, making Florence + the Machine), are almost finished touring for quite awhile. The news came straight from her manager so it’s more than rumor. Buy your tickets to see her before the train derails for a little while, otherwise MORE

Florence Welch stopped a fight at her concert

Florence Welch

Maybe it's because it's getting closer to Christmas and the festive Yuletide joy is softening me up, but here's another story of celebrities being decent people instead of selfish entitled little twerps, Lindsay Lohan. During a concert a couple days ago, Florence Welch of Florence + The Machine was playing a concert when a fight broke out in the audience. Because she would not be having any of it, Florence stopped the concert, talked them both MORE

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds got married

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

Okay, quick question here, but were Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds engaged at any point? Because they just got married this past weekend, and I'm totally happy for them and all, but I'm just wondering if I missed something here. Aaaaaaaanyway, People reports ... It's been nearly a year since they were first publicly linked – and now Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are husband and wife. A source confirms to People that the couple tied the knot MORE

Florence + The Machine gets with ‘Snow White’

Florence Welch

Earlier this year, we got Mirror, Mirror, the version of Snow White where Julia Roberts tried, and failed, to carry an English accent for an entire movie. If that's just not your cup of tea (or you're not eight-years-old), then maybe the darker Snow White and the Huntsman (in theaters on June 1st) with Charlize Theron and Kristen Stewart is more your thing. And if you're still not convinced, Florence + The Machine have a tie-in single called MORE

Florence and the Machine: Take Care

Florence and the Machine - Take Care

OMG! This is the best cover! Catch Florence and the Machine taking on hottie Drake's latest single Take Care (featuring Rihanna) which also serves as the title track for his totally stellar sophomore album! I've been obsessed with the song upon first hearing it a couple of weeks ago, Florence Welch does such an amazing job with the track which is definitely bound to be a number one hit for Drizzy and RiRi! MORE

Florence + the Machine – Shake It Out

Florence + The Machine - Shake It Out

Watch the new music video from Florence + the Machine (aka Florence Welch) for the official first single Shake It Out off the new album Ceremonials, out October 31st in the UK (no word on a stateside release yet). It's the follow-up to their highly successful debut album Lungs, which garnered tons of accolades and praise. For some reason it didn't quite hit me as hard as it did others but I do think Florence is super talented (and totally MORE

Florence + the Machine: New album + video!

Florence + the Machine - What The Water Gave Me

Good news music fans! British rock/soul group Florence + the Machine sat down with Pitchfork to announce that they're currently working to release a new album, dropping in November and they even have a new song out, watch the music video below for their track What The Water Gave Me! Woo! This November, Florence + the Machine will release the follow-up to their hugely popular (and huge-sounding) debut LP, Lungs. The as-yet-untitled album is MORE

Florence + The Machine: Back at it!

Florence Welch

Pop-superstarlet Florence Welch is cranking the gears to her machine again, going back into the recording studio to complete work on her sophomore album after hitting it big with her debut Lungs. Machine guitarist Rob Ackroyd spilled precious details to Gibson, claiming the group will attempt to use legendary Abbey Road Studios to record the completely written new album. This time around the sound will be a mix of Drake, Arcade Fire, and Lady MORE