Christina Hendricks talks Ryan Gosling’s new film!

Christina Hendricks and Ryan Gosling

So right off the bat, this story already has my three favorite things in the world, but it turns out there's more: Christina Hendricks was cast in Ryan Gosling's new movie, How To Catch A Monster (his directorial debut), and for the sake of the role, the two of them had to go to a fetish club. So basically, I guess just try to imagine a version of 50 Shades of Grey that isn't dangerously misinformed garbage. The Vulture reports ... Entitled MORE

‘Ted’ is a sex symbol for Plushies!


This past Friday was the theatrical release of Seth MacFarlane's first film Ted, which follows the traditional route of schlubby slacker (for some reason played with the impeccably cut Mark Wahlberg) with the understanding but way-too-good-for-him girlfriend (Mila Kunis, who's perfect for this kind of part) and the wise-cracking best friend who shouldn't talk but does, which is wacky and zany and wackedy-shmakedy-doo! This time, Seth made the MORE

The Octomom fetish video was a spoof!

So the eye-bleedingly awful Octomom fetish video, which was inflicted on the world earlier this week, was apparently just a joke about how Vivid Video's Steven Hirsch wants her to do porn. Because you know, ha ha! He offered her a way to support her kids but she won't take it because she's a terrible mother. Octomom dropped another sexual bombshell yesterday -- when La Habra's most famous celebrity revealed she hasn't knocked OctoBoots in more MORE

Octomom in a fetish video? BARF!

So unless today is your first day on the internet (in which case, hello tiny newborn baby! Congratulations on being born and stuff!) you probably know all about Rule 34 by now. For those who don't, Rule 34 states that if you can think it up, there's already porn of it on the internet. Case in point: There is now a fetish video featuring Octomom whipping a diaper-wearing man. The video was shot recently in her L.A. area home. The video shows MORE