Video: Azealia Banks’ “ATLANTIS”

Azealia Banks' "ATLANTIS"

Out of all the songs off of Azealia Banks' mix tape Fantasea, I didn't really expect "ATLANTIS" to be the next single to be released (I would have guessed either "FIERCE," "CHIPS," or maybe "US") but that's okay because the music video is amazing. It's like some sort of cross between The Little Mermaid and Reboot, although personally I just love anything that involves sharks. Every music video can be made better with the inclusion of sharks. MORE

Azealia Banks’ “LUXURY” video is here!

Azealia Banks "Luxury"

Holy frak, Azealia Banks has kind of been going hard on the whole music video thing, hasn't she? In the space of a few months, she's dropped videos for Liquorice, 1991, and Van Vogue, now she's dropping the first video for a track off her incredible Fantasea mixtape (which you can listen to here), "LUXURY," which is reportedly inspired by the New York fashion scene. The song is good, the video is beautiful and artsy, although it is sadly a bit MORE

Azealia Banks brings her ‘Mermaid Ball’ to LA!

Azealia Banks

Last night up and coming rap superstar Azealia Banks (21, she hails from Harlem back east) brought her Mermaid Ball to Los Angeles (she threw one in New York City last month), it was truly a treat to be there in person, I knew it would be an epic show and it totally was. She's one of the most buzzed about people in music today (it all started with her kick-ass track "212" released back in December), which is a bit crazy since girlfriend hasn't MORE

Azealia Banks releases ‘Fantasea’ online … FOR FREE!

Azealia Banks - Fantasea

So after months of teasing, leaking, and a change of release dates and album titles, Azealia Banks has finally released her first full-length mixtape, Fantasea, for FREE! Yay! It's pretty amazing, although the download is a bit long, but then again, it's free. FREE. No complaining! The tracklist is below: 01 Out of Space 02 Neptune [ft. Shystie] 03 Atlantis 04 Fantasea 05 Fuck Up the Fun 06 Ima Read 07 Fierce 08 Chips 09 Nathan [ft. MORE

Listen: Azealia Banks’ new track “Neptune”

Azealia Banks - Neptune

So I went out and bought Azealia Banks' new EP, 1991, last week, and if it were possible to wear a groove into a digital file, then I probably would have done it by now. Seriously, it's SO AMAZING. Anyway, Azealia has yet another new track out called "Neptune" featuring Shystie. She's been great about tweeting a steady stream of singles on Twitter, so make sure to follow her if you aren't already, and once again: AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING. MORE