DEV and Enrique Iglesias do Vegas!

DEV and Enrique Iglesias - Naked

This is your friendly reminder to make sure you've signed up for Total Rewards, which happens to be the most popular loyalty program around! To get you in the mood to possibly visit Las Vegas (home to many of the spectacular properties that partake in Total Rewards), here's DEV and Enrique Iglesias taking over 'Sin City' in their music video for her track Naked. Also don’t forget to play the Escape to Total Rewards game, here’s a special code MORE

Shirtless Enrique Iglesias is your new years goal!

Enrique Iglesias

Maybe it's not fair to generalize. But let's face it: people either want a body like Enrique Iglesias, or want a body like Enrique's on top of them. Checkin' both boxes over here! Lots of people start a new year off with high hopes of getting back to the gym -- or getting into the gym for the first time. This is where people absolutely kill it for a few weeks before the frantic pace of their approach quickly burns them out and they stop working MORE