Of Course: Lindsay Lohan caused drama for Elle Indonesia

Lindsay Lohan

Man, I bet when Oprah Winfrey first offered Lindsay Lohan a docu-series, Lindsay was probably all like, "this is my chance! I'll show the world what a professional actress I am, and then they'll give me an Oscar for my work in LINDSAY: The Television Reality Show!" And then the cameras came and everyone realized what a moron she is. So on the latest episode, we were treated to Lindsay doing a lot of stupid sh!t and then showing up late to an Elle MORE

Lea Michele opens up to ELLE about Cory Monteith

Lea Michele

I'm still so bummed out over the unfortunate passing of Glee star Cory Monteith, and my heart totally went out to his girlfriend and co-star, the lovely and talented Lea Michele. She's covering the latest issue of Elle magazine (December 2013) and is finally opening up a bit about his untimely death. On how she’s handling Cory Monteith’s death: “I never thought I would be in this position in my whole life. Now that I am in this MORE

In case you were wondering … that’s Shakira on Elle!

Shakira | Elle | July 2013

God Bless the editors at Elle magazine because they’ve put the name of their covergirl in size 72 font right across the cover (it’s Shakira if you haven’t seen by now). I’d like to talk about the spread and what she has to say about being on The Voice but I just can’t get over how ostentatious her name is on this cover. Did they think people forgot her after "Hips Don’t Lie" left the radio stations after being played for the MORE

Nicki Minaj gets made under for Elle

Nicki Minaj

I generally don’t care for Nicki Minaj. There was a brief time—when she opened for Britney Spears—that I appreciated her music but her persona off-stage is just a massive turn off. That being said, her tenure on American Idol so far is actually winning me over. Frankly, I started watching the show again strictly for Mariah Carey but I find myself agreeing with Nicki’s criticisms a lot. I don’t think I’d consider myself a “barb” MORE

Kim Kardashian: Rejected by fashion designers!

Kim Kardashian

Real talk here: Every time I see a trashy looking dress that doesn't fit right or basically just looks like a sparkly turd, I call it "Kardashian chic." The thing about the Kardashians is that, no matter how pricey or finely crafted their duds are, everything they wear looks cheap. Seriously, maybe it's the way they're styled, or maybe it's their general aura, but there's something about the Kardashians that just ruins clothes. So of course, MORE

Taylor Swift isn’t a boy chaser? Sure, okay then!

Taylor Swift

It's hard to take Taylor Swift seriously when she claims that her entire career doesn't hinge on the fact that she goes through men like a hot knife through butter, especially when, just yesterday, she got up in front of everyone at the Grammys and basically went "Hey, remember how I was dating that guy from One Direction? BECAUSE I DON'T, AND I WON'T LET YOU FORGET IT EVER." So here she is in Elle magazine, trying to convince the world that she MORE

Victoria Beckham is flawless!

Victoria Beckham

Everyone rags on poor Victoria Beckham from everything to her weight to her inability to smile. I think it’s just jealousy. She looks incredible on the March 2013 cover of Elle UK in head to toe Burberry. Her long hair is also in full effect, which took me a long time to get used to. I was such a fan of the “posh bob” and her pixie cut that when she started to let her hair grow, I was heartbroken. I got over it quickly though. How many MORE

Claire Danes looks exceptionally sane in Elle

Claire Danes

Even after an odd second season, I’m still obsessed with Homeland and therefore still obsessed with Claire Danes. I wasn’t old enough to appreciate 1994's My So-Called Life at the time but I’m glad Claire’s had a solid comeback. Claire’s February cover of Elle was shot before she gave birth to son Cyrus Michael Christopher Dancy with husband Hugh Dancy in December but she still looks fantastic on the cover. Actually, you can’t MORE

Jessica Simpson: Naked and pregnant in Elle!

Jessica Simpson - Elle Magazine

For some reason, today is apparently "pregnant celebrities on the cover of magazines" day, so here comes Jessica Simpson pulling a Demi Moore for Elle magazine by baring it all. From Today: Heavily pregnant Simpson, 31, poses nude on the April cover of Elle magazine; Demi Moore, 49, did the same for the cover of Vanity Fair in August 1991 when she was pregnant with daughter Scout LaRue. That's not the only news-making tidbit the first-time MORE

Will.I.Am is an idiot!


Just in case that weird-ass sound bite about how My Humps wasn't a 'Lyrical Miracle' didn't tip you off, Will.I.Am is fucking stupid. Is that established? Good, moving on. In an interview with Elle magazine (yeah, I'm not sure why he's chatting with Elle either. Desperation? Yeah, let's go with that), Will.I.Am pretty much made it perfectly clear that he has weird, latent mommy issues that would make Freud shit himself, and he thinks that women MORE

Robert Pattinson looking sexy in ELLE!

Robert Pattinson

Oh my word! How freakin' cute does Robert Pattinson look in the latest issue of Elle magazine?! He's so dreamy and I totally need to check out his upcoming flick, Water For Elephants (April 22nd), also starring Reese Witherspoon. I'm not even a fan of Twilight but he makes me weak in all the right places! On the idea of destroying his Twilight image: You know, when the whole thing dries up and there’s hardly any paparazzi around—I MORE

Amanda Seyfried is also winning!

Amanda Seyfried - Elle Magazine

Amanda Seyfried gave an interview to Elle magazine about how her love life has gone so far, and clearly, girl has been sipping of the Tiger Blood because she has probably seen more celebrity peen than a/an __________ (Choose one: Hollywood urologist, WeHo Bathhouse, John Travolta). On how she thought her recent ex Dominic Cooper was breaking up with his longtime girlfriend to be with her: "I was just kind of foolishly thinking that the two of MORE

Damn! Courtney Love looks totally fantastic!

Courtney Love

I love it when my darling Courtney Love manages to look respectable (which only seems to happen once in a blue moon). Say all you want about her but girlfriend does clean up quite nicely when she wants to and puts a bit of extra effort into her appearance! Ms. Love was spotted last night over in London at an event for Elle magazine, I almost gasped when I saw the pictures below, I adore Courtney! Courtney Love arrives on the red carpet for MORE

Katie Holmes does ELLE magazine

good evening! i have to hand it to katie holmes - she's looking pretty fabulous in peach/orange on the brand new cover of ELLE magazine's 'women in hollywood' issue (november 2009) i thought by now she would have split up with her creepy hubby & scientology master tom cruise but i guess everything's going ok for the couple ... in the last quote she talks about once something starts to not feel real - she's not into it - i suppose mr. cruise is MORE