Kim Kardashian thinks she’s Elizabeth Taylor

Kim Kardashian does Elizabeth Taylor

I think Kanye West must be rubbing off on Kim Kardashian (phrasing, I know) because here she is taking a photo to try and compare herself to the legendary Elizabeth Taylor (who she's calling her 'idol') on her Instagram. Because if you can't do anything new yourself, just mimic what other people did! It's like your talented or famous, except you're not! PHOTO | INSTAGRAM MORE

Lindsay Lohan: Banned from W Hotels!

Lindsay Lohan

As a general rule, if you have something nice, it's usually a good idea to not let Lindsay Lohan go anywhere near it, as one of two things will happen: If it's small and portable, it will go "missing", or if it's too large to move, Lindsay will burn it to death with cigarette butts while drowning it in booze. So of course, when LiLo stayed at the W Hotel in New York City, she managed to cause $50,000 worth of damage to her room using nothing but MORE

Thwarted: Lindsay’s stolen bracelet switch-a-roo!

Lindsay Lohan

Yesterday we reported that Lindsay Lohan allegedly stole one of Elizabeth Taylor's bracelets from Taylor's long-time nurse, and was immediately found out because, well, something that Lindsay wanted went missing immediately after someone left it within LiLo's reach. Really doesn't take Sherlock Holmes to crack this case. Anyway, the plot has apparently thickened, as Lindsay allegedly planned to pull a switch-a-roo on the bracelet, because it's MORE

Lindsay Lohan: Accused of stealing Elizabeth Taylor’s bracelet!

Lindsay Lohan

Already today, we've reported on Lindsay Lohan allegedly conning Bravo out of $250,000 in furniture before throwing it all in a storage locker so that they couldn't ever repossess it. Normally, that would be our one "LiLo accused of stealing stuff" post, but no! No it isn't! So here's RadarOnline reporting that Lindsay was accused by Elizabeth Taylor's former nurse of stealing one of the late actress' bracelets because LINDSAY MORE

Behind the Scenes: Liz & Dick

Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor

If the fact that they cast Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor hasn't already tipped you off that the producers of Lifetime's Liz & Dick (set to premiere in November) have no clue what they're doing, this behind the scenes video should kill off any lingering doubts that this movie is going to be a steaming pile of White Diamonds. Basically, the entire thing is about how LiLo is back (again) and that she's essentially the new Liz Taylor. MORE

Trailer: Lindsay Lohan’s Lifetime movie ‘Liz & Dick’

Lindsay Lohan and Grant Bowler as Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton

In a reasonable universe, someone would have looked at the trailer for Liz & Dick and thought "NO. BURN IT. Let it never see the light of day." Except then I'm assuming one of the producers realized how much money they put into Lindsay Lohan, so it's not like they can't release that trainwreck, right? Anyway, here's the just released trailer for Liz & Dick (set to air on Lifetime in the fall), which I'm sure you'll be watching either MORE

‘Liz & Dick’ sounds promising

Lindsay Lohan and Grant Bowler (as Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton)

In case you weren't clued in by the fact that Lindsay Lohan's immediate response to getting her first acting role in forever was "become a train wreck!", Lifetime's Liz & Dick is probably going to be a masterpiece adored for ages to come. Now we have actual proof, as The Daily Beast has taken it upon themselves to bring us eight of the most shocking moments in the script, below you'll find the first moment ... Richard Burton and Elizabeth MORE

Lindsay Lohan has ‘transformed’ into Liz Taylor

Lindsay Lohan

From day one, Lifetime's made-for-TV biopic about the life of Liz Taylor has kind of been royally screwed. First, they had to make the Sophie's Choice of either casting Lindsay Lohan or Megan Fox, so clearly, acting ability wasn't a requirement. Then when they eventually picked LiLo for the publicity, she then proceeded to throw a diva fit, demanding she go to Europe to find an appropriate Richard Burton, because she's a casting agent now. Then MORE

Lindsay Lohan will be playing Liz Taylor!

Lindsay Lohan and Elizabeth Taylor

Because Hollywood is this big land of moral subjectivity where doing bad things is bad unless you can sell something in which case we all need to forgive you, Lindsay Lohan has reportedly won the role of Hollywood legend Elizabeth Taylor in a new Lifetime Original Movie (once again: what a comeback) but only with the caveat that she stay on the right side of the law. Or, failing that since this is LiLo we're talking about, if Lindsay can just MORE

Megan Fox and LiLo are fighting over Liz Taylor!

Lindsay Lohan and Megan Fox

Remember how yesterday Lindsay Lohan was all like "I'm being considered for the part of Liz Taylor because I'm a respectable actress and a hard worker?" Yeah, about that ... so it turns out Megan Fox is also up for the role, which should immediately tell you how the casting process is going on this one. Oh, and did we mention this is for a Lifetime original movie? Yeah, which means this movie will inevitably be held up to the high expectations of MORE

Lindsay Lohan is swimming in scripts?

Lindsay Lohan

So apparently, the whole "crashing a Golden Globes party and pretending she has a career" bit I reported on yesterday actually worked out for Lindsay Lohan, because now TMZ is reporting that Lindsay is practically swimming in scripts and movie offers because studios finally see that she's "serious". Oh yeah, and did we mention that Lindsay has a hearing coming up? I'm sure that's a coincidence. Lindsay Lohan is ready to sign on to play Liz MORE

Worst Idea Ever: LiLo as Dame Elizabeth?!

Lindsay Lohan

As my girl Whitney Houston would say, oh hell to the no! There's a disturbing rumor going around (via Deadline) that Lindsay Lohan is in talks to play legendary Hollywood diva Elizabeth Taylor, in a movie slated for Lifetime (which just adds injury to the insult). What was that noise I just heard in the distance? Oh that was probably Liz rolling over in her grave! Remember when Stevie Nicks was completely adamant about LiLo not playing her in a MORE

Kim Kardashian is Elizabeth Taylor now!

Kim Kardashian

Elizabeth Taylor may have only died last year, but that certainly isn't stopping Kim Kardashian from digging up her lifeless body and trying to suck the talent and star power out of her. To promote her new 'True Reflection' perfume (Why does she need more perfume?) Kim went on Twitter and tweeted about how she was channeling the Hollywood legend in the ad campaign (see below), as long as you assume Dame Elizabeth was a piss-soaked, untalented MORE

Elizabeth Taylor’s jewels to be auctioned

Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor’s famous jewelry is on display at select galleries around the world, before 269 pieces are put up for sale at Christie’s New York, this December. There's many pieces up for grabs including the Krupp Diamond, Peregrina Pearl, and the 69.4 carat pear shaped rock that became known as the Taylor-Burton Diamond. All in all Taylor's estate included $30 million worth of jewels, while another $20 million could easily be raised from MORE