The ‘Godzilla’ trailer is pretty AMAZING!


Last time North America tried to make a Godzilla movie, director Roland Emmerich pitted a giant Japanese atomic-bomb-metaphor monster against Ferris Bueller and Puff Daddy wrote a song for it. I wish I was kidding about any of that, but honestly I'm not. Anyway, it sucked so hard that North America didn't try to do another Kaiju movie until last year, when Pacific Rim made us feel again. Since that worked out so well, here's the trailer for MORE

Dakota Fanning is going nude for her new movie

Dakota Fanning

Because we're basically pandering to the crowd that comes in from Google -- Hey, we just got our puppy spayed, we need to make that money -- Dakota Fanning is capping off her recent eighteenth birthday by doing a nude scene in her movie, Very Good Girls (also starring Elizabeth Olsen). Because it's not like people won't go crazy over a famous young woman going nude, right? Right. Via HuffPo ... The movie, slated to come out later this year, MORE