Justin Bieber snitched on his mom for giving him Xanax

Justin Bieber and Pattie Mallette

Thus far this week, Justin Bieber has been arrested for drag racing while drunk AND high, posed for a weirdly chipper mugshot, and gone in front of a judge wearing a prison jumpsuit with -- I swear to gawd -- the sleeves rolled up to show off his arms. Apparently, he's trying to take lemons and turn them into hardcore baller lemonade. Except it turns out the person who pushed all those drugs on him is his own mother, Pattie Mallette. Super MORE

Justin Bieber: Arrested for DUI in Miami Beach!

Justin Bieber

Oh this was so bound to happen sooner or later ... Justin Bieber was arrested (after getting his party on at a club, pictured above) early this morning down in Miami Beach for DUI (drugs and alcohol use were suspected). At first Justin resisted arrest (of course he did) and cursed out the cops (of course he did), after they pulled him over for speeding when they realized he was drunk and high. Oh good times for Justin, whose passenger in his MORE

Justin Bieber’s house: A den of marijuana and sizzurp!

Justin Bieber

Last week, Justin Bieber's house got raided by the LAPD, and surprisingly the only thing that really came out of it was Lil Za being named the patsy. Apparently, he was the last person to put his finger on his nose and go "Not it!" Well, if you were wondering why Justin didn't get into any real trouble, it's only because the cops didn't have a search warrant for the massive amount of weed and sizzurp everywhere. TMZ reports ... Sources MORE

BUSTED: Justin Bieber got raided, Lil Za got arrested!

Justin Bieber and Lil Za

So ... remember how Justin Bieber egged his neighbor's house and caused tens of thousands of dollars in property damage? Yeah, well, his neighbor really wasn't about to take that one sitting down, and so the police got a search warrant to enter his home, and are now looking for anything that could tie him to the incident. Oh, and in the interim they arrested one of Justin's best friends, Lil Za for cocaine possession. TMZ reports ... Justin MORE

Is the old (aka messy) Lindsay Lohan coming back?

Lindsay Lohan

So remember this morning when I said that Paris Hilton is trying to go after Lindsay Lohan because apparently she set her brother up for a beating? Well, now TMZ has photos of what appears to be weed butts and cocaine baggies, and is claiming that Lindsay's party was full of drugs. Lindsay, honey, I love you, but you need to be doing the exact opposite of everything you're doing right now. TMZ already reported there was coke and booze MORE

Rumor: Joe Jonas has a serious heroin problem?

Joe Jonas and Blanda Eggenschwiler

Ever since the Jonas Brothers announced that they were on "hiatus" (read: broken up, but they don't want to say it) Joe Jonas has apparently been shadowed around by a sobriety coach / recovery manager. What gives? Well, according to Blind Gossip, Joe may have a heroin addiction (along with his Swiss girlfriend Blanda Eggenschwiler) that his family tried to cover up because MONEY. Every awful thing that a celeb does is fueled by MONEY and that MORE

Lamar Odom thinks he can quit crack anytime

Lamar Odom

When we last checked in on Lamar Odom, he was holed up in a secret apartment, participating in a crack binge with two women, and had cut himself from all forms of communication because he was worried people were tracking him. So of course, he thinks he can quit anytime because those aren't signs of a seriously debilitating problem, right? TMZ reports ... Lamar Odom says he's been sober for 5 days ... and he believes he can maintain sobriety MORE

Miley Cyrus thinks cocaine is gross but loves weed!

Miley Cyrus

Did you know Miley Cyrus smokes weed? Well, she does. She totally does. And she's going to tell you how great weed is and how gross cocaine is, because I remember my first joint too. Via Us Weekly ... "One time I smoked a joint with peyote in it, and I saw a wolf howling at the moon," Cyrus tells Rolling Stone contributing editor Josh Eells. "Hollywood is a coke town, but weed is so much better. And Molly, too. Those are happy drugs -- social MORE

Lamar Odom’s life revolves around smoking crack?

Lamar Odom

Want to know how Lamar Odom is doing? Well, no, you probably don't because it's incredibly depressing, but we're going to talk about it anyway because this is the reality of what happens when you do drugs, kids. Turns out, Lamar has pretty much locked himself in a remote location with a pair of women and he's basically turned into a paranoid addict. So take note kids. This is why we don't do drugs: Because they're both incredibly addictive and MORE

Links: Brooke Mueller’s drug escapades were filmed

Brooke Mueller

→ Yikes: Brooke Mueller was caught on camera smoking crack and buying meth! The Frisky → Duchess Kate only had one other boyfriend before she got with Prince William? Celebitchy → Here are thirteen steps to find out which One Direction member is your soulmate BuzzFeed → Ugh: Cheer Perfection teaches us that urine is the perfect for soothing a burn! SOW → Miley Cyrus went out and twerked with a monkey on her back ... MORE

Lamar Odom says he doesn’t have a crack problem!

Lamar Odom

When we last left Lamar Odom, he was still slowly circling the drain and the media was having a field day over the rampant rumors that he was dealing with a major crack problem. So of course here he is telling TMZ that he doesn't have a crack problem. You can either read that as (A) him setting the record straight or (B) denial. Take your pick. 33-year-old Odom went to Teru Sushi in Studio City last night ... and after taking some photos with MORE

Isn’t He Lovely: The Pete Doherty Edition

Pete Doherty

Oh my word, I almost forgot about Pete Doherty! I actually can't believe he's still alive, it's seriously too bad the same thing can't be said for his once partner-in-crime, Amy Winehouse (may she rest in peace). Pete still appears to be as messy as ever, and those teeth of his, yikes! He's the sweaty poster boy for reasons why not to do drugs, so kids please take note, unless you want to look like this. Rocker Pete Doherty signing MORE

ICYDK: Miley Cyrus admits she’s singing about drugs!

Miley Cyrus

When Miley Cyrus first premiered her song "We Can't Stop," there was a line in it about "dancing with Molly" that everyone assumed was about doing MDMA (aka ecstasy) because seriously, how could it not be? Well, to her credit, she basically just admitted in a new interview that the song was about exactly what you think it's about, so feel free to take that as you will. Via HuffPo ... "It depends who's doing what. If you're aged ten [the lyric MORE

Lindsay Lohan tried to invite her dealer to rehab?

Lindsay Lohan

This morning, we talked about how a drug dealer claiming to be Lindsay Lohan's former dealer allegedly had to dump her as a client because she did too many drugs. Well, here's a report from RadarOnline, claiming that Lindsay tried to invite one of her dealers to rehab because rehab is stupid you guys, she doesn't even need it, she's fine, she's LINDSAY LOHAN: BESTEST ACTRESS EVER! “Lindsay advised Betty Ford that she wanted to invite a male MORE