Don’t Miss Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” video!

Nicki Minaj "Anaconda"

Every summer, there's always one song that I can single out as "the worst". This year, that honor went to Jason Derulo for "Wiggle," a song that makes me grind my teeth into powder. Jason has always been the king of hooks that annoyed me to no end, but "Wiggle" holds a special place in my heart for having a hook that's simultaneously irritating, childish and lecherous. Patton Oswalt has this great bit about how G-rated filth is infinitely MORE

OMG, you guys, Drake and Rihanna were holding hands!

Drake and Rihanna

So you guys remember how Drake and Rihanna performed together in Paris and everyone thought they were together? Well you will NOT. F*CKING. BELIEVE IT because today they were just caught totes holding hands, and according to Alexandra M. from Ms. Newbury's American History 101 class, that totally means they're going steady. I KNOW! I KNOW! Can you even believe it? TMZ totally says it's true! Rihanna and Drake are doing it! And by doing it we MORE

Drake & Rihanna performed together … so they’re dating?

Drake and Rihanna

Well, so far today we've talked about Katy Perry and John Mayer breaking up even though there's been absolutely no veracity to that story, so here's another random rumor for you: Drake and Rihanna are dating again! Apparently because Rihanna performed in concert with Drake in Paris and that means they're together again. Or something. I don't know. Does collaborating on a duet automatically mean you're f*cking? Because if that's the case, I'll MORE

Drake isn’t happy with Rolling Stone magazine

Drake and Philip Seymour Hoffman

As a general rule, a magazine will only bump a cover story for some sort of tragedy. More often than not, this means celebrity deaths. Such was the case with Rolling Stone when it bumped Drake from the cover for Philip Seymour Hoffman. Guess who wasn't happy about that? HuffPo reports ... "I never commented on Yeezus for my interview portion of Rolling Stone," Drake wrote in the first of two tweets that have since been deleted. "They also took MORE

2013 MTV VMAs Fashion: Ciara shines, Rita Ora loses!

2013 MTV Video Music Awards

MTV’s annual Video Music Awards have long been known for being the most fascinating in terms of red carpet fashion (since 1984) and this year's ceremonies held in Brooklyn, NY was no different. BEST Danity Kane OH MY GOD. DANITY KANE IS BACK. I have been praying for this moment since Diddy unceremoniously destroyed them in a fit of rage. Tonight’s reunion announcement (minus D. Woods but we MORE

Music Video: Drake’s “5AM In Toronto”

Drake "5am in Toronto"

Do you like twerking? Do you like volleyball? Do you like twerking while playing volleyball? Well then Drake's new music video for "5AM in Toronto" will surely fulfil your oddly specific niche fixation! Actually, the funny thing is that it's currently cold as balls here in TO, so if there's one thing you'd be doing at five in the morning, it wouldn't be volleyball. MORE

That’ll do, Amanda Bynes. That’ll do.

Amanda Bynes

We like to trump up a lot of what we post here, but I can say with perfect clarity that this is quite possibly the best celebrity tweet ever written by said celebrity rather than, say, a hacker. So far, there's been no response from Drake, because ... well, how do you come back to crazy ass Amanda Bynes asking you to systematically kill her private parts with your penis? Actually, MORE

Drake graduated from high school!


At this point, Drake has established himself as an actor and a pretty great rapper thanks to a pair of fantastic albums and a string of great hits. So the guy didn't really need to graduate from high school, but because he actually has a good head on his shoulders and appreciates a good education, he went ahead and finally earned his high school diploma. Yay! Also, fun fact: Jarvis Collegiate Institute, where he graduated, is literally one block MORE

Listen: Aaliyah’s new track “Enough Said” (feat. Drake)

Aaliyah - Enough Said (featuring Drake)

I'm usually completely against releasing new music posthumously (mainly because the songs for the most part suck, I do love my Amy Winehouse but that Lioness: Hidden Treasures should have stayed hidden), yet I am going to make an exception for this just released Aaliyah track (with never before heard vocals) called "Enough Said" (featuring Drake), I think it's incredible, upon first listen I was totally reminded how talented Aaliyah truly was! MORE

The 2012 VMA nominations are here!

Rihanna, Drake and Katy Perry

Did you know MTV still shows music videos? Neither did I, but apparently they do because they're still running an entire awards show around it. Anyway, the nominees for the 2102 MTV Video Music Awards have been announced, with Rihanna and Drake leading the pack with five nods each, Katy Perry coming up with four, and Chris Brown getting two more nominations than he deserves. Video of the Year Katy Perry, "Wide Awake" Gotye, "Somebody That I MORE

Chris Brown is a total gangsta

Chris Brown

Yesterday, Drake's and Chris Brown's crews allegedly got into a little bitty scuffle that ended with Chris getting a cut on his face, and apparently nobody saw the irony in this. Anyway, now there are reports that Chris's crew may or may not have been throwing gang signs, which is probably really bad for his probation. From TMZ: Eyewitnesses say ... Chris had been hanging out at his own VIP table with a posse of 16 other guys ... one of whom MORE

An open letter to Chris Brown

Chris Brown

Dear Chris Brown, I heard your entourage got into a little scuffle with Drake's entourage and you got a cut on your face. Well ... Kind of puts that into perspective, huh? Sincerely, Jeremy Feist Chris Brown sustained a nasty gash on his chin -- apparently a wound from a bottle attack -- after his entourage allegedly clashed with Drake's crew in a NYC nightclub brawl. TMZ has confirmed with the NYPD that the two singers' MORE

Popbytes’ Top Ten Favorite Albums of 2011!

Adele - 21

Without any introduction or further ado, I finally present to you my top ten favorite albums of 2011! #1 Adele 21 When I first heard Adele's sophomore album back in January, I knew right away that it was going to be huge and also land a spot in my top favorites albums of 2011 list! Of course it became a smash hit, sold a bunch of copies (appealing to a wide variety of demographics) and managed to pick up multiple Grammy nominations. To MORE

Florence and the Machine: Take Care

Florence and the Machine - Take Care

OMG! This is the best cover! Catch Florence and the Machine taking on hottie Drake's latest single Take Care (featuring Rihanna) which also serves as the title track for his totally stellar sophomore album! I've been obsessed with the song upon first hearing it a couple of weeks ago, Florence Welch does such an amazing job with the track which is definitely bound to be a number one hit for Drizzy and RiRi! MORE