The new ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ cast has been announced …

The Celebrity Apprentice

And actually, it just occurred to me–why do they still call it The Celebrity Apprentice? At this point, they've stopped making the actual Apprentice, so the celebrity version is now the default. I don't know, that seems weird to me for some reason. Anyway, here's the just announced cast list for the new season of The Celebrity Apprentice–let's find out who's going to be selling pizzas in NYC this time ... Kate Gosselin - Had 8 kids, MORE

Trailer: Celebrity Apprentice All-Stars

Celebrity Apprentice All-Stars

Yes, the new season of Celebrity Apprentice, featuring a collection of the shows best competitors, is coming soon, which means another season of trying to ignore Donald Trump so I can focus on Gary Busey's intoxicating insanity. Anyway, here's the first trailer for the All-Stars season (kicking off March 3rd on NBC), which features one of the most sublime reads I've ever seen come out of a celeb's mouth: LaToya Jackson: (To Omarosa) Who is the MORE

People are urging Macy’s to dump Donald Trump!

Donald Trump

You know a new season of Celebrity Apprentice is coming when Donald Trump cranks the douche knob up from "unbearable" to "excruciating." And he's been EXTRA douchey this year since it's an all-stars season, and people are getting so sick of him that half a million people have signed a petition on to make Macy's dump him and his product lines from their stores. Recently, Macy's CEO Terry Lundgren sent Donald Trump a letter touting MORE

Who will be on ‘All-Star Celebrity Apprentice’?

All-Star Celebrity Apprentice

Okay, sure, maybe All-Star might be a bit of a stretch, but we can't all be RuPaul's Drag Race All-Stars (Go Pandora Boxx!) Anyway, Donald Trump has decided to do an all-star season of Celebrity Apprentice, where he'll be bringing back the most popular contestants of seasons passed for a second chance at winning ... something. Remember when this show used to be about giving people jobs? Now it's just about making celebrities sell sandwiches in MORE

Lisa Lampanelli: Celebrity Apprentice’s villain?

Lisa Lampanelli

I'm not sure if you heard this, but a while back, Donald Trump snubbed Lisa Lampanelli at a basketball game by making sure all the pretty contestants on The Celebrity Apprentice (read: they're useless but willing to fuck Trump so they'll go far) got front row for the sake of publicity while she was pushed to the back. Well, Lisa didn't like that, and now Donald is claiming that Lisa will be edited to look like the villain of the show. So MORE

Behold the new cast of ‘Celebrity Apprentice’

Celebrity Apprentice

While it kills me to give Donald Trump the recognition he wants (and you know he wants it bad) I do have to devote some time to the new cast of NBC's Celebrity Apprentice because it has a shitload of totally random celebrities, pretty good ones to boot, and it's all for charity anyway. Plus: George Takei, man. George fucking Takei. Access Hollywood reports: Mob boss widow Victoria Gotti, singer Clay Aiken and IndyCar champ Michael Andretti are MORE

Donald Trump made Lady Gaga a star?

Donald Trump

When last we left Donald Trump, his sham run for presidency was dead and he was back to his old "business genius" gimmick: using money he inherited from someone else who actually earned it and using it to buy real estate in NYC, which is pretty much the easiest and most obvious way to earn money ever. So yeah, "business genius". Keep saying that until is sticks, dumb-dumb. Anyway, Merkin-Head has decided it has been too long since you remembered MORE

Courtney Stodden competed in Miss Washington Teen ’10

Courtney Stodden

It's hilarious to see all these new items pop up about Courtney Stodden's past, all touting the long-ago time when Courtney was but a comely lass of 15, and then you realize that oh yeah, THAT WAS LAST YEAR. Anyway, here she is competing in the Miss Washington Teen 2010 pageant (Donald Trump needs to start his hoes off young, ya hurrrrrrd?) while RadarOnline refers to her fifteen-year-old body as sexy because ... wait, WHAT?! Just one year MORE

Donald Trump isn’t running for President!

Donald Trump

Good news, stupid people who actually believed the self-serving lies of a delusional, narcissistic sociopath: Donald 'Merkinhead' Trump has announced he will not be running for president of the United States! Which was kinda sorta one of those things pretty much everyone knew, since his foreign policy boiled down to "tell other countries what to do without any actual incentive" and his one main talking point was that the current president of MORE

Ha ha, Jon Hamm made fun of Trump!

Seth Meyers and Jon Hamm

For a guy who spends all his time yelling at people, firing other people, and making catty, bitchy comments about anyone who doesn't like him in the press, you'd figure Donald "Merkinhead" Trump would have a better sense of humor, but apparently not. And you know it's bad when Jon Hamm, the sexiest man in existence, pretty much calls him out for being a humorless curmudgeon and making fun of him alongside Zach Galifianakis. "[Obama] was MORE

NeNe Leakes quit ‘Celebrity Apprentice’!

NeNe Leakes

Last night was some sort of mass exodus on The Celebrity Apprentice, because not one, not two, but THREE contestants were sent home last night! Yes, La Toya Jackson and Star Jones were both fired last night, but the big story is that NeNe Leakes actually quit the show because Star was such a gigantic bitch for the entire show. Well, that and the fact that NeNe was actually kind of useless. A little of column A, a little of column B MORE

Donald Trump got OWNED this weekend!

Seth Meyers and Donald Trump

Just in case you didn't hear it the first bajillion goddamn times it's been reported, President Barack Obama released his long form birth certificate last week after years of crazy people saying that he wasn't born here because ... well, I'll let you figure out that one for yourself. Anyway, Donald Trump, one of the more prominent birthers out there, attended the White House Correspondents' Dinner this past weekend, where Obama and guest comedian MORE

Meat Loaf vs. Gary Busey: Battle of the WTF stars!

Meat Loaf vs. Gary Busey

I know, I know, we're all supposed to be boycotting Celebrity Apprentice because Donald Trump is a gay-hating douche, but COME ON. LaToya Jackson? Gary Busey? Star Jones? Wild horses couldn't drag me away from that kind of celebrity crazy (Seriously, Dionne Warwick? Total C-U-Next-Tuesday!) Anyway, yesterday's episode took the crazy dial and cranked it right up over 9,000 by starting off with a feud between Dionne and Nene Leakes, and then MORE

Trump doesn’t understand the definition of winning!

Donald Trump and Charlie Sheen

Because you can't run a story about a white, psychopathic man without getting Donald Trump's opinions on it (He thinks they're great!), The Don apparently thinks that Charlie Sheen is doing just fine and is, as he's already stated, a winner. “[Charlie] is not doing so badly — I thought he’d be a total wreck,” Donald told Billy Bush and Kit Hoover of the embattled star’s status in an interview on Access Hollywood Live on Wednesday. MORE