Links: Molly the dog deserves all of the bachelor’s roses!

Molly The Dog on The Bachelor

→ Molly the dog should have received every rose on the premiere of The Bachelor last night Dlisted → Ke$ha's producer Dr. Luke repeatedly 'fat-shamed' her, leading to her eating disorder! Celebitchy → Jennifer Lawrence tells the most enchanting tale about the dangers of ... cake! Bohomoth → Richard Simmons has been posting pics of himself dressed up like Hollywood beauties! SOW → Ever wondered what a B-list celeb MORE

Justin Bieber has a new pet to abandon!

Justin Bieber's New Puppy Karma

Justin Bieber doesn't have what you would call the best track record with pets: He auctioned off a snake he used as an accessory, he dumped a gerbil off on a fan only to have it die a short time after, and he abandoned a pet monkey in Germany because he is the devil. Well, since Justin has a team of yes-men around him at all times so he never learns anything, Justin has a new English Bulldog puppy named Karma. And it's doomed. So, so doomed. It's MORE

It’s Friday, so here’s ‘Home Alone’ reenacted by puppies

Home Alone Puppies

I don't know what happened, but the news ground to a halt today and there's really nothing to report on and -- Wait wait wait, they're revealing the cast list for RuPaul's Drag Race's sixth season over social media? GIMME GIMME GIMME! Anyway, ya'll should follow it now so we can get those queens out. I'll post the full cast list once they've all been revealed, but until then, here's a video of Home Alone as reenacted by pug puppies. CHRISTMAS! MORE

Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart: CUSTODY BATTLE!

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Bear

Generally speaking, if you cheat on your boyfriend, very publicly, with an older married man, it's best if you just sort of lay low, make some sacrifices, and hope that teenage girls who confused unhealthy obsession with love don't try and assassinate you for breaking the heart of a fictional character. Those Twi-Hards are really quite terrifying. But now come the reports that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are fighting for custody of their MORE

Chris Brown is sellling puppies now? Fantastic

Chris Brown

Despite the fact that there are currently thousands of pit bull puppies, as well as other dogs, in animal shelters and rescue homes looking for a good home, Chris Brown decided that you should be paying him $1,000 for a puppy, instead of going to an animal shelter and saving one yourself for next to nothing. This is happening and we are all worse people for allowing it to be. From Brown put seven puppies up for sale at the web MORE

Uggie is Nintendo’s new spokesdog!


Presented ALMOST without comment because OMG ... Uggie, Mario and video games! I JUST PEED. MORE

Here’s Dwayne Johnson kissing an adorably tiny dog

Dwayne Johnson

It's a ridiculously slow news day right now, so I'm filling the void with some man-pretty in the form of Dwayne Johnson kissing a super cute chihuahua because it warms the tiny, frozen space where everyone says my heart is supposed to go. I know people are all like "oh but chihuahua's are yappy, annoying little rat dogs!" but those people are awful. Chihuahuas are tiny bundles of shivering joy and anyone who says otherwise can spread butter on my MORE

Oh look, it’s Khloé Kardashian on a scooter!

Norman the Briard

I know that headline was a total cheap shot at Khloé Kardashian but I just couldn't help myself, it's actually a Briard (and cuter than Khloé) riding a scooter! That dog looks massive, just like Khloé, in all her wookie famewhore glory. As much fun as it is to knock the Kardashians, I actually enjoy their reality shows, they're definitely one of my guiltiest pleasures. After something is hammered into your head long enough, it's bound to grow MORE

Mariah Carey got a new (store bought) puppy!

how adorable ... mariah carey got another new jack russell puppy (i think she already has two?) while hanging out for the holidays in aspen with her hubby nick cannon (i'm kind of surprised they're still together - good for them!) although her new furry friend is really cute - shame on her for buying it from a pet store - girlfriend should have went to a shelter - there are so many animals in the serious need of a loving home right now - there's MORE

Mickey Rourke loves his dog Jaws!

oh my goodness - i simply couldn't resist posting these sweet pictures of hollywood's comeback kid mickey rourke sitting with his chihuahua jaws outside LAX earlier today while waiting for their ride - his adorable dog is also the same one featured in mr. rourke's PETA ad advocating spaying/neutering pets! i still seriously need to get my girl chihuahua candy fixed - after this weekend (without going into the gory details) let's just say she's MORE

Rachel Hunter’s fancy dog house

good morning everyone! here's something new for dog lovers to spoil their furry friends with - fancy custom made dog houses! designers alan mowrer & michelle pollak teamed up to create la petite maison - a company specializing in pooch palaces but they don't come cheap - houses start at $6,000 and could run all the way up to $50k! below is model/actress rachel hunter sitting outside her fancy dog house along w/ her two best friends! people are MORE