Lindsay Lohan: I don’t do cocaine with my mom Dina!

Lindsay Lohan and Dina Lohan

If you ask Lindsay Lohan, she's only done cocaine four or five times, which ... sure, okay. But Michelle Fields of FOX News doesn't believe that for a bit, and said that LiLo does cocaine with her mom, Dina Lohan. So of course, here comes Lindsay's legal team (Mark Heller) to lay the smack down on her. In the letter, a copy of which was exclusively obtained by Radar, Lohan’s attorney Mark Heller notes that “on February 4, 2014, the FOX MORE

Dina Lohan ordered to undergo a psych evaluation

Lindsay Lohan and Dina Lohan

With Linday Lohan finally on the straight and narrow (She even landed a cameo on Eastbound & Down! Good for her!) the torch of crackitude has been passed onto Dina Lohan, who decided to take it and run with it. In her car. Drunk. Well, the judge in her DWI case has decided to get to the bottom of what exactly the hell is wrong with her and ordered her to undergo a psych evaluation. Via TMZ ... Dina Lohan has something going on in her head, MORE

Dina Lohan: The paparazzi made me drink and drive!

Dina Lohan

Remember that time Dina Lohan got pulled over for allegedly driving drunk? Well, it turns out it was all the paparazzi's fault. Yes, seriously. According to TMZ, Dina and her lawyer Mark Heller are trying to make the argument that Dina was driven to drink by all the paparazzi following her every move, for you see, Dina Lohan is very famous and important. Seriously. Here's the argument ... Dina's lifestyle presents lots of challenges and MORE

Lindsay Lohan’s Parents: Banned from her reality show!

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan's parents only means of employment are coasting on their daughter's image and that's it, so of course both of them would attempt to jump on Lindsay's reality TV series (coming to Oprah Winfrey's OWN network early next year) the first chance they got. Except it turns out even the producers, people who profit directly from creating dramatic circumstances around their central star, think it's a bad idea to have them on the show and MORE

Dina Lohan pleads not guilty in DWI case!

Dina Lohan

When the cops catch you speeding down the highway, and then your breathalyzer comes up with a .20 reading (almost twice the legal limit), you'd probably have no choice but to admit you screwed up and drove while drunk. But that's not the case with Dina Lohan, TMZ is reporting she decided to plead not guilty in court earlier this morning in NY, with her attorney Mark Heller (remember when he tried to represent Lindsay Lohan by sweet talking the MORE

Dina Lohan got arrested for drunk driving

Dina Lohan

UPDATE: Dina Lohan's lawyer issued this statement: "Dina Lohan is a good person. Her life has been dedicated to her four children. She has worked hard her entire life and she has been a 'Parent Trapped' with the entire world watching her in a fishbowl with murky water due to no fault of her own. She appreciates the grave seriousness of this matter and is mindful that the Nassau County District Attorney considers these types of cases a top MORE

Lindsay Lohan wants to get Dina Lohan into rehab

Dina Lohan

Now that Lindsay Lohan has actually completed rehab without any glaring mistakes, and is actually doing decently well for herself on cable, Lindsay has decided that now is the right time to try and convince her mom, Dina Lohan, to enter rehab. In case you didn't remember, Dina's the one who drunk-dialed Lindsay during her rehab stay. So I'm sure this will go swimmingly. Via RadarOnline ... “She knows Dina has been out drinking and she sees MORE

Dina Lohan crashes party, demands a seat for her purse

Dina Lohan

Lindsay Lohan may have grown and matured during her stay in rehab, but not to worry! Dina Lohan is still a stupid, entitled jagweed! While Lindsay was plugging away in rehab and reevaluating her life and choices, Dina decided to crash a benefit in the Hamptons, forced someone to abandon their chair so that she could put her purse on it, and generally acted like a delusional moron. Via Page Six ... Dina Lohan isn’t afraid to show up MORE

Lindsay Lohan got drunk-dialed by Dina Lohan?

Dina Lohan

Apparently, part of Lindsay Lohan's rehab therapy is that she needs to talk to her mother, presumably to tell her that she's a complete failure as a parent and that Lindsay would have been better off if she was raised by a hot water heater. Well, because everything Dina Lohan knows about motherhood was obtained from watching Teen Mom on a muted dive-bar TV, Dina ended up calling Lindsay up drunk during one of her therapy sessions. TMZ reports MORE

Lindsay Lohan is moving back in with Dina after rehab?

Dina and Lindsay Lohan

So you know all that progress Lindsay Lohan is making in rehab? Well, after she's done her three-month court ordered stint, she's moving back in with her mother Dina Lohan, so you can pretty much assume that all that hardwork is going to go up in so much gin-soaked flame. Via NY Daily News ... Lindsay Lohan is heading back to New York when she wraps up rehab at the end of the month, her mom told the Daily News. The Mean Girls star, who turned MORE

Dina Lohan: Stiffed a $4,000 bill at a charity event?

Dina Lohan

Lindsay Lohan is currently still in rehab and as far as we can tell, is actually making strides towards eliminating the personality problems that keep getting her into trouble. Unfortunately, Dina Lohan is pretty happy with how her life is going, and instead of following in Lindsay's footsteps, she's getting sued for bailing on a $4,000 bill she racked up at a charity event. Why? Because DINA LOHAN that's why. TMZ reports ... Chakmakian says MORE

Lindsay Lohan makes progress but not her parents!

Lindsay, Dina and Michael Lohan

We've been pretty happy about Lindsay Lohan hunkering down and taking her rehab seriously, and not just because we've ran out of ways to say "TURN IT AROUND, BITCH!" We're honestly, genuinely happy she's taking responsibility for herself. But of course, something has to go wrong, so here come her parents of the year Michael Lohan and Dina Lohan to take a big crap all over her progress by refusing to play nice for Lindsay's family therapy MORE

Lindsay Lohan’s parents may join her for therapy?

Lindsay, Michael and Dina Lohan

It's pretty much universally agreed upon that the root of Lindsay Lohan's problems are her parents, both of whom have failed at even the most basic principles of raising a kid in the most spectacular ways possible. So of course, The Betty Ford Center is trying to bring in Michael Lohan and Dina Lohan so that they can they can all get some family therapy. Come back tomorrow when the three of them escape from Betty Ford and go on a drunken MORE

Lindsay Lohan’s parents are writing tell-all books

Michael, Lindsay and Dina Lohan

At this point, Lindsay Lohan's famewhoring parents have divulged enough dirty details about their daughter's life that we can basically pinpoint the precise moment where they ruined LiLo forever. But of course, you can never not make enough money off of destroying a human being you created, so now both Dina Lohan and Michael Lohan are getting their own tell-all book deals. This is such a crime against American literature that I'm pretty sure God MORE