Best of the Best: The TV Class of 2012


We here at PopBytes have never been a huge fan of ‘best of’ lists. They always seem to miss our favorites. So when it comes to looking back at the best television of 2012, we like to hand out some TV superlatives here and there. Class clown? Most likely to succeed? They’re all here. Enjoy! Best in Show: Girls Of all the shows that hit the air in 2012, no show had such a uniquely original voice as HBO’s Girls. Lena Dunham’s MORE

oh my word – is edie britt dead?!?

i literally leapt out of my seat at the very end of desperate housewives's season three finale - did edie britt (played by nicollette sherdian) really hang herself after carlos (sexy ricardo chavira) found out her scheme to make him love her?!? craziness!oh my gosh - i still totally love this show and the return of bree (oh my marcia cross) on tonight's episode totally set the stage for season four - poor gabby (ms. eva longoria) she found out MORE

Eva Longoria on ‘Desperate’ set!

good morning! here is eva longoria on a break (is that beer in the her hand?) from shooting the upcoming third season of desperate housewives! hopefully the gang will be able to get past the mediocre second season slump (which lands on DVD august 29th) and turn up the heat & drama for the show's third time a bonus producers told ms. longoria if all goes well they can possibly upgrade to using fine china rather than the current craft MORE

Oprah does Wisteria Lane!

oh i so love that oprah! i'm just finishing today's episode - where they wrote oprah a role - 'karen stouffer' - and played about a 10 minute 'mini-mini' episode - where oprah's character moved onto wisteria lane - and quickly moved out after realizing something was very awry on wisteria lane - i really enjoyed it - except they did use some past scenes (like where teri hatcher was naked in the bush after being locked out) - but all said and done MORE