It’s a who’s who of WHO? on the new ‘Dancing with the Stars’

Dancing With The Stars Season 19

I'm not a big Dancing with the Stars fan, but I will admit to a certain amount of fascination whenever a cast list is revealed. It's fun to pick out the actual stars from the kinda stars, all while throwing side-glances at the ones who barely qualify as star. So I leave it to you: Below is a list of all the dancers on the upcoming 19th season of Dancing with the Stars (premiering on ABC on September 15th). Who are the real stars? Who are the kind MORE

The new ‘Dancing with the Stars’ cast has been announced!

Dancing with the Stars

So Dancing With The Stars is coming back for its 18th season (premiering Monday, March 17th), and once again I only know maybe three or four of the people they actually announced. But I don't even care because DREW CAREY, BITCHES! Us Weekly, spin that sh!t ... Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes -- dancing with Tony Dovolani Olympic figure skater Meryl Davis -- dancing with Maksim Chmerkovskiy Olympic figure skater Charlie White -- MORE

Bruce Jenner might be on ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Bruce Jenner

Thus far, Dancing With The Stars has had two of the Kardashians on their show -- Kim Kardashian and Rob Kardashian -- despite the two of them having the grace and poise of a ballerina ... plowing a garbage truck through a crowded shopping mall. Well, now Bruce Jenner is angling to get on the show, and he'll finally show those swollen hussies a thing or two about what elegance looks like. "He's dying to do it," an insider tells Us. "The show is MORE

And the winner of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ is …

Amber RIley and Derek Hough

Last night was the 17th season finale of Dancing with the Stars, which saw Corbin Bleu, Jack Osbourne and Amber Riley fighting one last time to win a disco ball from the good people at ABC. Admittedly, not the most spectacular prize, but whatever. Point is, Amber won it with her partner Derek Hough, and since she was who I was rooting for the whole time -- I have a soft spot for her Glee character Mercedes, and was always sad she got sidelined MORE

Elizabeth Berkley paid homage to Jessie Spano!

Elizabeth Berkley

I'm guessing whoever's in charge of casting for ABC's Dancing With The Stars hates the internet, because between Bill Nye The Science Guy and Elizabeth Berkley, it's like they're actively trying to explode the web. Case in point, here's Elizabeth dancing the jive to "I'm So Excited," which is a callback to that one episode of Saved By The Bell with the caffeine pills that was a stand-in for ... I'm guessing cocaine? That sounds about right. MORE

Bill Nye went out with The Robot on ‘DWTS’

Bill Nye / Dancing With The Stars

Bill Nye may be something of an internet folk hero, but apparently that doesn't always translate into the world of dance because (SPOILERS I GUESS) he just got the boot from Dancing With The Stars last night. To be fair, this kind of seemed inevitable: Last week, he ended up pulling a muscle and doctors told him to stop dancing before he made it worse. Bill, a man of science AND dance, decided to keep dancing, but played it safe by doing the MORE

Bill Nye tried to dance the Cha Cha …

Bill Nye and Tyne Stecklein

In case you haven't been on the internet for the past week or so, Bill Nye is one of this year's bigger gets on season seventeen of Dancing With The Stars because the web loves nerdy things from the '90s. Anyway, long story short Bill tried to dance the Cha Cha (with partner Tyne Stecklein) on last night's premiere episode and ... yeah, there's a reason he's called The Science Guy and not The Dancer Guy. I absolutely loved his show when I was a MORE

DWTS: Team Valerie Harper all the way!

Valerie Harper and Tristan MacManus | Dancing with the Stars

The seventeenth season (my gosh, has it really been that many?) of Dancing with the Stars kicks off tonight with a two-hour premiere on ABC. The only way I end up watching the reality competition is if there's someone I really like competing for the mirror ball trophy (like Kirstie Alley) and this season that person happens to be actress Valerie Harper (probably best known as Mary Richards' kooky best friend Rhoda Morgenstern). I was devastated MORE

FitnessBytes: Paul Walker Can Still Get It!

Paul Walker

Paul Walker is still looking hot. NEWS FLASH, everyone. The Fast and Furious star showed off his sexy shirtless self while filming a new ad campaign for Davidoff's Cool Water cologne. Don't even care that stuff is a leftover '90s relic, whatever. He could get it -- wearing any fragrance he wants, or none at all. Check out the photos on Dlisted. Want a Kick-Ass workout routine? See how superhero hottie Aaron Taylor-Johnson got in shape for MORE

Dancing with the Stars’ season 17 cast list!

Dancing With The Stars Season 17

You know the drill, another season of Dancing with the Stars (premiering September 16th), another season of celebrities trying to convince us all that they know how to tango and yadda yadda yadda. What can they possibly do that would surprise me or get me emotionally invested in a show like -- BILL NYE THE SCIENCE GUY IS GOING TO BE THERE? YES! 1000x YES! Here's the cast list! Billy Nye (Bill Nye the Science Guy) with Tyne Stecklein Christina MORE

Who will be ‘Dancing with the Stars’ this season?

Dancing with the Stars

Oh yay, another season of ABC's Dancing with the Stars (premiering on Monday, March 18th). Sorry, but after last night's episode of RuPaul's Drag Race, I just can't even pretend I care about any other reality TV show. That being said, the cast list of DWTS, and this sixteenth season already looks like it's shaping up to be a delicious train wreck. The cast list, via Us Weekly ... Boxer Victor Ortiz and new pro Lindsay Arnold Actor/Comedian MORE

Dina Lohan is delusional plus she wants to be on DWTS

Dina Lohan

Because today is apparently "stupid soul-rotting pseudo-celebrities getting TV shows" day, here's Dina Lohan's interview with Extra, where she tells Mario Lopez how she wants to be on Dancing with the Stars, despite the fact that she can't and she isn't. Of course, this has nothing to do with the fact that Lindsay Lohan turned down a spot on the show, or the fact that Dina's only method of supporting herself is to claw through Lindsay's scraps. MORE

Lindsay Lohan turned down ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Lindsay Lohan

As it stands, Lindsay Lohan is currently looking down the barrel of a long jail sentence, her performance and professionalism (or lack thereof) on her last film has turned into a Hollywood punchline, and her last big gig was going on a "date" with a wealthy prince for $100,000. So when the producers of Dancing With The Stars offered her over $500,000 to appear on their show, Lindsay turned it down because everything seems like a good idea when MORE

Dancing With The Stars: All-Stars: The Pairings!

Pamela Anderson

Because RuPaul is launching an All-Stars Drag Race (or is it Drag Race All-Stars? I can never get this right ...) someone over at Dancing With The Stars presumably sat down and thought, "Hey, us too!" So now we have Dancing With the Stars: All Stars, which proves that just because you awkwardly shoe-horn the word "stars" in your title twice, does not mean your show contains any stars whatsoever. The cast list via Entertainment Weekly MORE