Farrah Abraham’s ex called her a bad mother

Farrah Abraham

VH1's Couples Therapy tries to spin itself as a show that helps d-list celebrities change the negative parts of their personality, except so far all the terrible people who went on the show left just as terrible as they started so ... it's not working. Like Farrah Abraham, who thus far hasn't really bettered herself in anyway. But at least in the latest episode, her ex came in and told her she was a bad mother. So that's something. RadarOnline MORE

Farrah Abraham strikes again with her lies!

Farrah Abraham

I'm sure this is going to absolutely blow your mind, but Farrah Abraham opened her bear-trap of a mouth and lies came out. I know, I'm amazed too. This time, Farrah reportedly lied about her fake boyfriend (Brian Dawe) having a mental breakdown, which is why he bailed on her and Couples Therapy. Of course, it could just be that what she planned for them was immoral and no one would ever want to be around her for more than a few seconds, but no. MORE

Farrah Abraham: Still lying about her sex tape / porno

Farrah Abraham

Despite the fact that Farrah Abraham released a professionally made porno, made with actual porn stars and a camera crew by Vivid Video whom she emailed a script to beforehand, Farrah is still trying to pretend it was a "sex tape". Uh-huh. Well, apparently on last night's episode of Couples Therapy, she lied to everyone about how it was a "sex tape" and that there was no camera person on hand even though she literally said there was just moments MORE

Farrah Abraham’s fake boyfriend had an actual girlfriend

Farrah Abraham

In case you missed the saga of Farrah Abraham's stint on Couples Therapy, here's the short edit: she lied to get on television again and everyone immediately found out about it. Again. She's really not good at this, is she? Anyway, just to help her dig her own grave, here's a story about how Brian Dawe (the fake boyfriend she used to get on the show) ended up having a girlfriend (Victoria Stokes) this whole time, who eventually convinced him to MORE

Farrah Abraham lied to get on ‘Couples Therapy’

Farrah Abraham

If one were to diagram Farrah Abraham's famewhore career plan, it might look something like: Trick a teenager into barebacking me Have baby! Use baby to land MTV show, at which point ditch the baby on Mom and then scream at them both Make a porn disguised as a sex tape Burn that bridge immediately $$$! So yeah, not the brightest star in the night sky. Anyway, continuing along on her path of massive money for minimal work, she MORE

Courtney Stodden wants to do ‘tasteful’ nudity

I'm warning you right now, it's probably not a good idea to read this one with a mouthful of coffee or any other liquid, as the high "OH BITCH PLEASE" content of this post will likely result in a spit-take. Have you swallowed? Good, moving on. On the final episode of Couples Therapy, teen bride Courtney Stodden and her mom Krista Keller sat down with Dr. Jenn to discuss Courtney's career in porn, where Courtney revealed that she'd only do MORE

Courtney Stodden and Nik Richie hate each other

Courtney Stodden and Nik Richie

Since Courtney Stodden has hijacked VH1's lame reality show Couples Therapy and has essentially turned it into a show about a teenage prostitute whose only contribution to society is banging doughy inbred morons (in your face, Teen Mom!) her co-star, Nik Richie, isn't too thrilled with her, and the two of them have started sniping at each other in the press. RadarOnline reports ... As RadarOnline exclusively reported, on Saturday Hutchison's MORE

Courtney Stodden’s mom explains how she ruined her daughter

At this point, they really should just rename VH1's Couples Therapy as "No, Seriously, What Is Courtney Stodden's Problem?" because seriously, what happened there? What is the exact formula for parental failure that results in that? Well, after Courtney's mother, Krista Keller, somehow ended up on the show (let's just pretend this wasn't her plan all along) she sat down with Dr. Jenn to specify how exactly she completely failed as a mother. Via MORE

Courtney and Doug got kicked off ‘Couples Therapy’

Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison

At this point, Courtney Stodden's only source of income and attention is from VH1's Couples Therapy, you would figure that Courtney would hold onto that like velcro. Except last night, Courtney and her creepy husband/father Doug Hutchison were kicked off the show after Courtney refused to dress her own age. Also, something about how Courtney is this generation's Erin Brockovich? I don't know. (Side note: Fun drinking game! Take a shot every time MORE

Courtney Stodden: I have saved many lives!

When you think of a hero, who do you think of? The soldiers over seas who fight for freedom? The police who keep our streets safe? The firemen who run into burning buildings to save people? HA! No. The real hero is teen famewhore Courtney Stodden, who saves lives and keeps this great country safe by dressing like a prostitute, even though all those pinko commie bastards out there say stuff like "Wait, aren't you a teenager? How is that legal?" or MORE

Courtney Stodden on why she dresses like a hooker!

Courtney Stodden is primarily known for her talent, ability and- nah, I'm just kidding. She shacked up with a guy in his fifties while she was still a minor and then started dabbling in softcore porn. And on the new season of VH1's Couples Therapy, Courtney finally reveals why she dresses and acts like a porn star even though back then it would have been illegal: Attention. Oh, and also something about comfort, but yeah, like she wears seven MORE

Child labor laws kept Courtney Stodden from staying with Doug

You really want to know how royally screwed up the relationship between Courtney Stodden and her pedo husband Doug Hutchison is? During the filming of VH1's Couples Therapy, Courtney was forced to leave at the end of the night and stay in a hotel, away from her husband, due to California's Child Labor Laws. You'd figure "not letting an adult sleep with a teenager" would keep them apart, but nope. Child labor laws. THAT'S NOT RIGHT. From HuffPo MORE

Teen bride Courtney Stodden needs ‘Couples Therapy’

Remember how a couple days ago, Courtney Stodden announced that she was going to be shooting for a reality television show, and everyone just sort of rolled their eyes and went, "Of course someone gave her a reality gig." Well, it turns out the show in question isn't just some vapid look into Courtney's life of being an underage trophy wife. She and husband Doug Hutchison are actually shooting for VH1's Couples Therapy. Somewhere out there, Greg MORE