Lana Del Rey knows you think she slept her way to the top

Lana Del Rey

Last time Lana Del Rey did an interview, she ended up talking about how she wishes to die young and ended up getting a talking to by Frances Bean Cobain. And that's why we don't take life advice from Ke$ha songs. Anyway, Lana has a new interview out with Complex, and in it she actually shows a little self-awareness and a sense of humor, and what do you know she's actually kind of jovial when she isn't donning her world-weary schtick like a cloak MORE

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Justin Bieber

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Lana Del Rey covers Complex!

Lana Del Rey - Complex Magazine

Despite her record label's best efforts to keep Born To Die from leaking, Lana Del Rey's debut album hit the web this morning, a week before its official release (January 31st). Of course I'm going to be buying it yet I simply had to listen to one of this year's most anticipated albums, and it has turned out to be a masterpiece! Each song is beautifully crafted, a gorgeous and haunting piece of work that's bound to top the music charts. Although MORE

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Beyoncé - Complex Magazine

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