Christina Hendricks cast in Showtime’s ‘Roadies’

Christina Hendricks

True story here: When I was a teenager, back when I had long hippy hair, one of the guys I worked with used to tell me that I looked like the kid from 2000's Almost Famous. I had absolutely no idea if that was a compliment or just an observation in general; I just liked the attention. Anyway, I ended up watching it and it turns out Almost Famous (directed by Cameron Crowe_ was actually one of the best movies ever made. I say this because Crowe MORE

The final season of ‘Mad Men’ is ready for liftoff!

Mad Men (Season Seven)

We're officially one month away from the premiere of award-winnning series Mad Men's seventh and final season, which kicks off on AMC on Sunday, April 13th. Just last week I posted the series' brand-new poster, and now we have some amazing new gallery shots, featuring plenty of plane action for Don, Megan, Peggy, and Roger. Head over to the show's website to see more including the final season's cast portraits. It's still hard to believe it's all MORE

Get ready for the final season of ‘Mad Men’

Mad Men / The Final Season

Calling all fans of AMC's Mad Men ... the beginning of the end is almost here! The first half of the final season (the series' seventh outing ) is set to premiere on April 13th. Here's a (short) new promo clip featuring hottie Jon Hamm (Don Draper) getting off a plane along with a totally trippy and psychedelic poster (designed by Milton Glaser) that's unlike anything we've ever seen from the show before, the times are a-changin' for Don and the MORE

First Look: ‘Mad Men’ season six!

Mad Men (Season Six)

AMC recently released some enticing photos from the upcoming sixth season of Mad Men! The new season kicks off on April 7th with a two-hour premiere, and it looks like a few years have passed since we last checked in with Don Draper (played by the oh so smoldering Jon Hamm) and the rest of the Madison Avenue gang. Series creator Matthew Weiner also spoke with The Daily Beast about what's coming down the road, on this second to last season, check MORE

Christina Hendricks talks Ryan Gosling’s new film!

Christina Hendricks and Ryan Gosling

So right off the bat, this story already has my three favorite things in the world, but it turns out there's more: Christina Hendricks was cast in Ryan Gosling's new movie, How To Catch A Monster (his directorial debut), and for the sake of the role, the two of them had to go to a fetish club. So basically, I guess just try to imagine a version of 50 Shades of Grey that isn't dangerously misinformed garbage. The Vulture reports ... Entitled MORE

Olivia Munn & Christina Hendricks: Hacked!

Olivia Munn and Christina Hendricks

I have good news and bad news, folks. The good news is that if you're into this sort of thing, Olivia Munn and Christina Hendricks were both victims of "phone hacking" recently. The bad news is that you're not going to be seeing anything, since neither of them actually carry any actual nude pictures on their phones, which means the hackers actually had to go out of their way to fake boob pictures for the sake of justifying their sloppy efforts. MORE

Christina Hendricks knows how to handle her weapons!

Christina Hendricks

Presented without comment, because CHRISTINA HENDRICKS. The Daily Mail reports: Her curves have become the stuff of legend in the critically acclaimed, much loved series Mad Men. And Christina Hendricks is celebrating the forthcoming beginning of the fifth season of the show by posing in a racy new photo shoot for V magazine. The stunning actress who plays Joan in the show donned studded leather for an artful shoot which sees her get to grips MORE

Christina Hendricks was a goth in high school!

Christina Hendricks

So it turns out that back before Mad Men star Christina Hendricks looked the way she does now (by which I mean *drooling noises* boooooooobs) the lovely and shapely Hendricks was actually a bit of a goth in high school, and all of her classmates teased her for it. And now she looks like an hour-glass full of sex sand, so I guess Dan Savage was right all along. Yay titties! The Mirror reports: “I was a goth kid. I dyed my hair about 42 MORE

Christina Hendricks is too busy for kids!

Christina Hendricks

So last night Christina Hendricks showed up to the NYC premiere of her new movie, I Don't Know How She Does It, and who even gives a crap about that movie because holy crap her tits looked amazing. Tits. Tits tits tits tits tits. Sorry, needed to get that out of my system. Anyway, Christina went on the record to say that she was too busy for kids and BOOBIES. Shit, I did it again, didn't I? Anyway, via People: In her new film, Hendricks plays MORE

Christina Hendricks on swimsuit season!

Christina Hendricks

It's the oddest thing: Mad Men star Christina Hendricks has an amazing body, yet she's incredibly hit-or-miss when it comes to her dresses. Anyway, now that it's swimsuit season, she's having trouble finding a bathing suit that flaunts her gigantic wondrous titties of joy and wonder. If I may suggest: Nothing? Just puttin' that out there. "It's really hard to find a bathing suit if you have breasts," she told Lucky Magazine [via MORE

Christina Hendricks is on fire!

Christina Hendricks

No, seriously, she accidentally set herself on fire. Ha ha! Thursdays ... anyway, Christina Hendricks' red hot physique got a little hotter when she accidentally set her coat on fire, which I think happens to all of us, doesn't it? I mean yes, granted, I probably should have waited for the bananas foster to to extinguish before I slammed my face into the dish, but that's why God invented fake eyebrows. The actress got too close to a candle at MORE

Christina Hendricks’ boobs are totally real!

Christina Hendricks

Yeah, just in case you were thinking I could write a post on Mad Men star Christina Hendricks that had anything to do with something OTHER than her tits ... think again. Anyway, Christina addressed rumors that her giant, fun pillows of love and joy were fake by ensuring us that her breasts were real, and ... oh who the hell are we kidding? Even if they weren't you'd still motorboat them five ways to Sunday. It was reported this year that there MORE

Christina Hendricks and Neil Patrick Harris in their undies?

Christina Hendricks and Neil Patrick Harris

So Christina Hendricks BOOBIES! and Neil Patrick TITTIES! Harris were a part of Stephen Sondheim's musical, Company, and in order to MELONS! sell the show, the producers apparently thought that JUGS! it would be a great idea to have them both HOOTERS! go out on stage wearing nothing but their underwear, which means CHESTICLES! we can all expect it to start raining Tony Awards any KNOCKERS! minute now. Christina plays a ditsy and naive airline MORE

Christina Hendricks models for Vivienne Westwood!

Christina Hendricks for Vivienne Westwood

Two Christina Hendricks posts in the same day? Well shut up, I was just nominated for a TLA Award for most prolific Twitterer in the biz. Sure, it's basically a joke award, like Miss Congeniality, or the Oscars for short films, but still, my reward to myself is another post about Christina's giant, ample titties of wonder and joy, so if anything, this benefits ALL of us here. Boobies. Hendricks comments, 'Vivienne Westwood has always been MORE