Listen: Lady Gaga & Christina Aguilera: Do What U Want

Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera "Do What U Want"

Oh this is truly a pop music treat to end the year with ... it's Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera's remix of "Do What U Want" ... which is way better than the original! Who really needs that pervert R. Kelly anyway when we now have the power of Xtina! Have a listen below for yourself plus just in case you missed it check out the ladies' incredible live performance together from a couple of weeks ago on the season finale of The Voice. Happy New MORE

PopBytes’ Top Ten Favorite Music Videos of 2013!

Charli XCX "SuperLove"

Over the weekend I was busy compiling my top favorite albums of 2013 list (which should be up very soon), and I thought why not feature ten of my favorite music videos that were posted here on PopBytes this past year. So I present to you my favorite music videos of 2013 ... Charli XCX "SuperLove" Lily Allen "Hard Out Here" Petula Clark "Cut Copy Me" Christina Aguilera "Let There Be Love" Lady Gaga MORE

FitnessBytes: Paul Walker Can Still Get It!

Paul Walker

Paul Walker is still looking hot. NEWS FLASH, everyone. The Fast and Furious star showed off his sexy shirtless self while filming a new ad campaign for Davidoff's Cool Water cologne. Don't even care that stuff is a leftover '90s relic, whatever. He could get it -- wearing any fragrance he wants, or none at all. Check out the photos on Dlisted. Want a Kick-Ass workout routine? See how superhero hottie Aaron Taylor-Johnson got in shape for MORE

Video: Christina Aguilera’s “Let There Be Love”

Christina Aguilera "Let There Be Love"

I still don't understand why the Bonnie McKee penned and Max Martin produced tune, "Let There Be Love," wasn't a massive hit single for Christina Aguilera! It's easily one of the best tracks off Lotus (which I still stand by as one of the most solid releases of 2012), it's just such a shame it didn't chart like it definitely should have. But Xtina knows how much her fans love the song, so she pieced together a really simple yet effective D.I.Y. MORE

FitnessBytes: Yogi Britney, Jessica Alba, Xtina + Becks

Britney Spears

Britney Spears is finding inner peace, y'all. She's in Shape magazine busting out some moves like Warrior Two, which opens up the body to improve mental clarity and balance. Yah, she's gettin' deep! Yoga is now part of her regular workout routine. Hotness Jessica Alba spun her wheels at Flywheel West Hollywood with her husband Cash Warren for a charity cycling ride that brought in big names to benefit Baby2Baby. The charity supplies local MORE

PopBytes’ Top Ten Favorite Albums of 2012!

Marina and the Diamonds - Electra Heart

Without any intro or further ado, I finally present to you my top ten favorite albums of 2012! Marina and the Diamonds Electra Heart It certainly hasn't been a secret that Marina and the Diamonds would once again land on the top of my list. Her stunning debut album, The Family Jewels, topped my list back in 2010. Although I probably still prefer Jewels over Electra Heart, her sophomore effort comes in right behind it! Every track on the MORE

Giveaway: Christina Aguilera’s Lotus

Christina Aguilera - Lotus

WINNERS: @justnate4 @myworldpablo @traci670 I am thrilled to have the chance to toss out three copies of Christina Aguilera's completely stunning new album Lotus, which is now available on iTunes! I've been waiting for Xtina to release an album that's on the level of her 2002 masterpiece aka Stripped, and this album is right up there, easily her best effort in years! I've been listening to it non-stop, it's super tight, no fluff or filler, MORE

Christina Aguilera: I’m fat, get over it!

Christina Aguilera

Remember back in 2002, when the pop landscape was littered with skinny blonde chicks like Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Jessica Simpson, and they all sounded exactly the same? Well, flash forward a decade, and now they're all a little chubbier and quite possibly a little crazier, which is what happens when you spend ten years being told an extra helping of sweet potato fries will kill your career. Well, now that Xtina has officially MORE

Video: Christina Aguilera’s “Your Body”

Christina Aguilera "Your Body"

This is probably the best thing Christina Aguilera has done in years, just watch the new music video for "Your Body." It's the first single off her upcoming seventh studio album Lotus, which drops in November. I've been hoping she'd make an album comparable to her 2002 release, Stripped (in my opinion one of the best pop albums ever), could Lotus finally be the one we have been waiting for? MORE

Usher and Shakira will coach ‘The Voice’ (Spring edition)

Usher and Shakira

Last time we heard anything about Christina Aguilera on The Voice, she was driving everyone on the show bonkers, demanding reshoots because she looked "fat" and Adam Levine was going slowly insane. Well, now she and Cee Lo Green will take a break for the spring edition (2013) of The Voice, and will be replaced by Usher and Shakira. Entertainment Weekly reports ... The NBC reality hit has hired R&B singer Usher and Latin singer Shakira as MORE

It’s On: The Voice vs The X Factor

Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera

While no one was looking, NBC apparently decided to start running an episode of The Voice on Wednesday, which totally doesn't have anything to do with the fact that The X Factor is premiering next week at the exact same time, which once again adds fuel to my theory that all the major networks are run by the popular bitchy girls you knew in high school. Anyway, Simon Cowell has thrown his man tits into the fray, claiming that The Voice is afraid MORE

Christina Aguilera has ‘big’ demands!

Christina Aguilera

In case you haven't noticed it, Christina Aguilera is a bit chubby, which is sort of like saying Kim Kardashian is a bit of a famewhore. Anyway, none of this would be a problem if it weren't for the fact that Xtina is demanding that the crew of The Voice cater to her every whim in order to convince people that she's not that chubby. Which is probably too little, too late. The National Enquirer reports: “Christina holds up pro­duction with MORE

Xtina had ‘fake tanner’ running down her leg

Christina Aguilera

So if you've been on the web over the past two days, you know by now that Christina Aguilera was at Etta James' funeral to over-perform for her one last time, and during her performance, a "mysterious, reddish-brown liquid" was running down her leg. I'm pretty sure you can figure out for yourself what that was exactly, but here's a report from the Daily Mail saying it was fake tanner, because sure, why not. The Voice judge seemingly over did MORE

Christina Aguilera looks like hell!

Christina Aguilera

Oh I'm not even going to try and sugarcoat this: Christina Aguilera was at the Michael Jackson tribute concert over the weekend held in London, and made the EXTREMELY unwise decision to try and cram ten pounds of sugar into a five pound bag. I don't care how sweet it is, it does not fit. Anyway, Xtina went onstage wearing fishnets, clown make-up and a raggedy-as-hell busted weave to sing Charlie Chaplin's Smile. Yup, one of the saddest, slowest MORE