Cher’s new album is streaming on Amazon!

Cher "Closer To The Truth"

OMG! You guys seriously need to head over to Amazon right now to listen to Cher's brand-new album, Closer To The Truth, in its entirety! This is Cher's 26th studio album, her first in nearly twelve years (her last release was Living Proof back in 2001), the longest gap in her six-decade career. Of course the album is flawless and fantastic—everything you'd want from a Cher album, lots of dance-worthy tracks (such as the lead single "Woman's MORE

Cher reveals ‘Closer to the Truth’ tracklist + cover art

Cher 'Closer to the Truth'

With the release of Cher's 26th studio album less than a month away (September 24th—write that shit down or pre-order, America!), gays all across the country are scrambling to properly prepare their bodies for a pop/dance album none of us quite ready for (or, honestly, worthy of). We've been given a look at the album cover (an impressive feat of art and science, if I do say so myself) and, Godney be good, we now have the Closer to the Truth MORE

Cher debuts her “Woman’s World” video!

Cher "Woman's World" Music Video

TELL THE TRUTH! THIS IS A "WOMAN'S WORLD!" The legend known only as Cher is back with her brand-new music video for "Woman's World," the lead single off her upcoming album, Closer To The Truth (iTunes), due out on September 24th! Can you believe she turned 67 this year? Who else has the staying power of like five decades under her belt? Bow down bitches, this is how it's done! MORE

Listen: Lady Gaga and Cher’s “The Greatest Thing”

Lady Gaga and Cher

Back when Lady Gaga first announced she was recording a new album, one of the biggest pieces of news was that she was planning on including a duet with Cher. Sadly, "The Greatest Thing" was recorded and then scrapped because Gaga didn't love it. Well, as these things tend to do, it found a home on the web where everyone can hear it. Despite what Gaga thinks, I actually really like the song; it's a decent pop song with a nice rhythm, plus it MORE


Cher "Woman's World"

After the success of Cher's Burlesque (success in the sense it was deliciously bad-but-campy plus Cher won a Golden Globe for it) the grand dame of gay icons is back promoting "Woman's World," the first single off her upcoming studio album Closer To The Truth (September 24th), which she performed last night on The Voice's season finale. For someone who's 67, the bitch still knows how to turn it and how to make couture look good. All I know is MORE

Delusions of Grandeur: The Courtney Stodden Edition

Courtney Stodden

I used to think that famewhore and teen bride Courtney Stodden was knowingly acting like an underage prostitute for the sake of attention, which to be honest probably isn't much better than doing so unknowingly. Either way, you're still sexualizing yourself at an age where you're still too young to really understand your own body and sex in general. But here she is comparing her singing voice to Britney Spears and Cher, which is 100% sacrilege in MORE

Listen: Cher’s new single “Woman’s World”

Cher "Woman's World"

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! What better way to celebrate and give thanks than with an upbeat brand-new dance single from the legendary Cher! Just last night she dropped this incredible track called "Woman's World" on Twitter! I didn't even know she planned on releasing new music, so this was quite the pleasant surprise! It's apparently the first single from Cher's first studio album in like ten years, it's amazing that she is still kicking major MORE

Cher told DWTS to suck it!

Cher and Chaz Bono

So last night, our beloved Chaz Bono was shown the door on Dancing with the Stars, which is kind of sad because we liked him, but at the same time, he wasn't exactly the best dancer in the world, sooooooo ... meh, I guess it sorta balances itself out into fairness. Anyway, mama Cher didn't appreciate it and proceeded to pull out a doll and point to which parts of her ass they could kiss. @Cher: But your mom "could cut a bitch" ! Thank u Carrie MORE

Cher showed up to ‘Dancing with the Stars’


Good news everyone! Remember how last week Cher promised that if her son Chaz Bono made it through to the next round, she would show up to the next episode of Dancing with the Stars? Well after giving Kristin Cavallari das boot (side note: HA!) Cher made good on her promise and showed up to cheer on Chaz, which probably marks the first time an actual star was on the show. I know, I'm surprised too. The Huffington Post reports: But Cher did get MORE

Cher wants to dropkick the Kardashians?

Cher and the Kardashian sisters

Oh Cher ... Cher Cher Cher ... what are we going to do with you? Your Twitter feed is just the most delightful, typo-ridden stream of consciousness I've ever seen, and I love you for it. Anyway, our darling diva sat through an episode of Bridezillas and tweeted about her disdain for the reality show, if you've seen the show you know what she's talking about. Unfortunately, a mix of crossed-wires and poor sentence structure ended up making it MORE

Cher surprises Chaz Bono on Ellen!

Chaz Bono and Ellen DeGeneres

As many of you already know, for the upcoming season of Dancing With The Stars (premiering next Monday, 9/19) I'm totally Team Chaz Bono. It's such a brave move on his part to partake in the competition as the first transgendered person to compete on the show. I think it's completely ridiculous that some very narrow-minded people are planning to boycott the show, so I'll be doing everything in my power to help Chaz remain on the show. Plus I MORE

Cher defends Chaz Bono competing on DWTS

Chaz Bono and Cher

So at first, when I heard Chaz Bono was going to be on Dancing With The Stars, I was all like "Yay! Good for him!" and then I sat back and realized "Oh, wait, that's right, the Internet is full of dickwads ..." So of course, people started bombing the web talking about how ABC is somehow trying to destroy families by acknowledging the fact that trans people exist and deserve the same rights as us. Anyway, Chaz's mother, the incomparable Cher, MORE

Cher vs. Michele Bachmann: The Twitter feud!

Cher and Michele Bachmann

If you've never experienced the typo-ridden joy that is Cher's Twitter stream: I'm not gonna lie, it's absolute GOLD.  She's like the super cool aunt that doesn't really understand how the Internet works, but makes up for it with constant swearing. Anyway, Cher got a mailer from crazy bitch Michele Bachmann asking for money, which brought out Cher's own crazy bitch which she ended up using for good, rather than evil. Just got spam letter from MORE

Chaz Bono talks Cher, dating men!

Cher and Chaz Bono

In a recent interview with David Letterman to promote his documentary, Becoming Chaz, on OWN, Chaz Bono spoke about dating men in the past (turns out, he wasn't a huge fan) and that no, Cher has not undergone matching sexual reassignment surgery, which at this point is pretty much the only surgery she hasn't had! Bono told Letterman that beginning in puberty, he was very uncomfortable in his body, and those feelings intensified with age. Bono, MORE