Stephen Colbert: Leaving ‘The Colbert Report’ to replace Letterman

Stephen Colbert

All right. So. Who's ready for another round of good news / bad news? Let's get started! Bad news: The Colbert Report is coming to a close at the end of the year after nine years on the air. The good news: It's so that Stephen Colbert and all of his crew can take over for David Letterman (who recently announced his retirement) on CBS' Late Show! YAY! Via HuffPo ... Colbert has commented on the new gig in usual form, saying in a statement: "I'm MORE

Fall television’s best & worst new comedies

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

So we are roughly a month into the new TV calendar year and here's a run down of what I’m thinking so far. In general, there has been more shows with promise than in past years, but on the flipside some of the beloved returning shows are starting to show their cracks. On the new comedy show category, here is my breakdown of the good, bad and ugly, and remember, I can watch some really bad TV. BEST NEW COMEDIES Brooklyn Nine-Nine (FOX, MORE

The winner of ‘Big Brother 15′ is …

Andy Herren

After a season that was ... controversial to say the least, the finale aired last night and *SPOILER ALERT* Chicago native Andy Herren (age 26) won the 15th season of CBS' Big Brother, plus he happens to be the first openly gay winner. Woohoo, I suppose. Via Entertainment Weekly ... Let's talk about Andy. At times this summer, I've been a vocal Andy skeptic. He was a toadie, riding the coattails of powerful alliances; he was the leading MORE

A Sampling of New TV Shows Coming this Fall!


As a TV fan, every year come September it’s like Christmas. All the new shows start and returning shows come by to grace the small screen. Oh, it’s so exciting, the countdown is officially on. Here is a list of ten new shows that have some promise, and others that seem like revamps of shows that already exist. Almost Human (FOX / Premiere: November 4th) Shot in the future, it’s the same old cop show. A cop that lost his leg returns to MORE

Crazy people are trying to bring down Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris

Fun fact: Every year, the Super Bowl comes on right before my birthday and my family almost always forgets that I turned a year older because FOOTBALL! YEAH! Seriously, one year they got me a cake that said "Happy Super Bowl, Tom Brady!" and that's why I am the way I am. Anyway, to promote this year's Bowl, CBS got Neil Patrick Harris to write the date of the game on his face, and someone somehow found a way to be angry about this. Never doubt MORE

Finally, here’s CBS’s fall schedule!


Yes, one more of these. Only one more and I swear we can stop this. Anyway, in anticipation for the fall, which will not be here for another FOUR MONTHS (I feel we may be jumping the gun on this just a touch) CBS has unveiled their new fall schedule, and it's just ... whatever. From The A/V Club: Mondays: 8 p.m.: How I Met Your Mother 8:30 p.m.: Partners 9 p.m.: 2 Broke Girls 9:30 p.m.: Mike & Molly 10 p.m.: Hawaii MORE