Miley Cyrus performed “Wrecking Ball” with a giant cat

Miley Cyrus

Remember when I said Miley Cyrus performed "Wrecking Ball" at the 2013 American Music Awards last night with a giant, lip-syncing pussycat? I told you that wasn't a euphemism. This is a thing that happened. Look at it. LOOK UPON YOUR DESTRUCTOR. MORE

Kim Kardashian’s ex-cat Mercy died

Kim Kardashian

My boyfriend and I have a nineteen-year-old cat. She is, for lack of a better term, a total bitch, but I love her because ... well,  because she's a cat. They're adorable! You can put a tiny hat on them and they think they're people, but they're not! Anyway, Kim Kardashian bought a cat a little while ago, realized she was allergic to it, and then immediately dumped the poor sweet thing off on a friend. Except apparently, Kim must have never MORE

Presented w/o comment: Martha Stewart bites kittens

Martha Stewart

Via Martha Stewart's blog: As with all my new pets, I gently bit each kitten on the face. This is how I let my animals know that I am now their mother. MORE

FitnessBytes: Take a catnap!

James Franco

We were all exhausted after this year's Oscars. Just ask James Franco. This guy knows what I'm talking about. Pictured taking a "catnap" with his two cute kitties, the obvious health benefits are apparent; letting the body rest. Also pictured: the secret health benefits of pet ownership. That's right, animal friends are good for your health! Having a furry (or not so furry) friend has a very real effect on our health and well being. MORE