Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart broke up

Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart

If you haven't been cluing in for the past few weeks, there's been a bit of a stir over Jennifer Lopez's boy toy / boyfriend / boywhatever Casper Smart sexting a model behind her back. And yes, there's been some build up over the fact that she was a trans model, but that's neither here nor there. It's the betrayal of trust more than it is anything else. Anyway, now La Lopez is telling everyone that not only are they done, but they've actually MORE

Jennifer Lopez talks insecurities + dictators!

Jennifer Lopez

How can you honestly hate Jennifer Lopez? Her career has lasted over 20 years and she’s shown no signs of slowing down (and she just signed on to be an American Idol judge again). Who would’ve thought that the girl from Selena would’ve transcended to the brand that she is today? Honestly, who else could have a number one single past the age of 40? I’m fangirling too hard right now but I believe you get my point. Anyway, Ms. Lopez is MORE

Jennifer Lopez is ready to sue on Casper’s behalf!

Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart

Yesterday, we reported on a rumor that Jennifer Lopez's back-up dancer boy toy, Casper Smart, was seen ducking into what looked like an exotic massage / gay peep show for ten minutes. Guess who didn't like that rumor? That's right, here comes La Lopez with the her lawyers threatening lawsuits against anyone who dare claims her post-divorce-bang was unfaithful, via EW ... Jennifer Lopez is fighting back at tabloid reports that her boyfriend, MORE

Casper Smart got exotic massages behind JLo’s back?

Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart

Back when Jennifer Lopez first broke it off with Marc Anthony, everyone wondered who she would get married to next. And then she ended up dating one of her back-up dancers, and everyone just sort of nodded their heads knowingly. "The Britney Spears route you say? Hmmmm ... well played, Ms. Lopez. Well played." Anyway, it turns out Jennifer didn't learn anything from the K-Fed debacle, here comes the rumors that her boytoy, Casper Smart, was out MORE

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Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart

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Links: Casper Smart (24) is JLo’s (42) new man!

Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart

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