The hills are alive with the sound of SHADE

Carrie Underwood

Last night, NBC aired a live version of The Sound of Music, which I sat through because (A) I've never seen the movie or the musical before, and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about, and (B) I had to write a musical opening sketch, and I figured it would inspire me. Turns out, writing music while listening to other music is damn near impossible. But I digress. I thought they did a decent enough job, and everyone was at least putting their MORE

First Look: Carrie Underwood in ‘The Sound of Music’

Carrie Underwood | The Sound of Music

NBC's live production of The Sound of Music is set to debut December 5th, and a recently-released promotional poster shows star Carrie Underwood looking every bit the part of Maria von Trapp! Although the 1965 film adaptation starring Julie Andrews is a certifiable classic, I have a feeling NBC won't disappoint. Underwood certainly looks the part, and her vocal talent is undeniable. Although this is her first major acting gig, I expect to be MORE

Vampire Bill is going to star in ‘The Sound of Music’

Stephen Moyer

If the idea of Ben Affleck starring as Batman is enough to blow your gawddamn mind, prepare to have it DOUBLE BLOWN. True Blood's Stephen Moyer is set to star in NBC's upcoming live production (taking place on December 5th) of Rodgers & Hammerstein's classical musical The Sound of Music, alongside Carrie Underwood. Because when you think lavish Broadway musicals, you think of the undead guy who ripped Arliss Howard's head off while high on fairy MORE

Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood hate each other?

Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood

At this point, it's really only a matter of time before Taylor Swift dates her way out of a job, since she's managed to plough through half of Hollywood in the space of a few years, and then take a steaming dump on each successive relationship by writing petty break-up anthems. All I'm saying is, when your business plan can be boiled down to "burn every bridge possible," you don't really have a sustainable, long-term gig going for you. And now, MORE

Video: Carrie Underwood’s “Two Black Cadillacs”

Carrie Underwood "Two Black Cadillacs"

Here's the latest music video from country queen Carrie Underwood for "Two Black Cadillacs." It serves as the third single off her album, Blown Away, which was for sure one of last year's best releases. I wasn't a huge fan of Ms. Underwood when she won American Idol back in 2005, but over the years (was that really almost eight years ago?!) I've become quite fond of her and she's definitely one of the biggest stars to come from the show. Don't MORE

Oh this look doesn’t work at all …

all i can say is ... yikes! what the hell was country sensation (and american idol winner) carrie underwood thinking by wearing that awful jacket? i hate it! the jacket looks like something a fancy train conductor would wear (or perhaps she borrowed it from michael jackson's closet?) normally she's fairly put together (and there's simply no denying carrie is beyond gorgeous & quite talented) but this particular look doesn't work at all - hello MORE

Carrie Underwood: Smile of the year!

good evening! next time you go to the dentist you might spot country sensation & american idol winner carrie underwood staring back at you from the waiting table filled with magazines (a very good source told me that ms. underwood is a total diva and a complete pain in the ass to deal big surprise there) carrie has been awarded 'smile of the year' by dear doctor magazine that celebrates the good times of 'dentistry & oral health' MORE

Carrie Underwood wins, pisses off Faith Hill!

ok i had one more thing to post tonight that just came to my attention...tonight was the country music awards and american idol country gal carrie underwood took the prize for 'best female vocalist of the year' - you MUST watch fellow nominee faith hill's reaction below to ms. underwood winning! oh my gosh - her reaction is simply priceless...i don't think her hunky hubby tim mcgraw would be very pleased with his wife being such an obvious sore MORE

Carrie Underwood is your ‘American Idol’

you have all chosen your next american idol...major congrats to ms. carrie underwood for taking the prize - i hope my 75 votes last night actually helped - 450 million votes in total - all i can say is fuck that's a shit load of votes! wow! so let's get into how i feel so oh my gosh - all the ups and downs! who can deal??? i'm SHOCKED that carrie actually took the cake! i'm actually super thrilled - i love her - and she is SO beautiful - and me MORE