Links: See Ryan Gosling’s substantial bulge!

Ryan Gosling Bulge

→ Oh My Word: Please say hello to hottie Ryan Gosling's substantial underwear bulge! The Frisky → Is Jennifer Lawrence feeling 'overworked' and 'headed for a nervous breakdown' soon? Celebitchy → The persistent and rampant rumors about Jennifer Aniston being pregnant will never go away SOW → Megan Fox had a baby boy nine months ago and now she is pregnant again! The Blemish → Hilary Duff posed with homegrown sex toys MORE

Jon Hamm’s bulge cannot be tamed by tight pants!

Jon Hamm Bulge

So Jon Hamm's massive package is causing a bit of a stir on the set of Mad Men (season six premieres on April 7th), since Jon refuses to wear underwear and it's starting to become a distraction on set and you're not even reading this are you? No, it's cool, if I was reading this I'd have already moved onto looking for pictures of Jon's massive package. I mean really, GOOD GAWD. Via NY Daily News ... “This season takes place in the 1960s, MORE

Links: The biggest celebrity bulges of 2012!

Celebrity Bulges

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