Charlie Sheen, the tiger blood-drinking fighter jet, has returned!

Charlie Sheen

Yesterday, I talked about how Denise Richards announced that she could no longer care for Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller's twin boys Bob and Max because they were torturing small animals. EEP. Well, Charlie has apparently gone into protective dad mode, and is now declaring war on Brooke and the Department of Child and Family Services the only way he knows how ... with his fire-punching fighter jet wizardry. TMZ reports ... Charlie quotes MORE

Charlie Sheen & Brooke Mueller: Best parents ever?

Charlie Sheen & Brooke Mueller

I've been purposefully ignoring the latest spat between Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller, mostly because I'm already following one crack-smoking famous person and there's no way I can add two more to the bill without losing all hope in humanity. Except now it turns out Denise Richards, who's been surprisingly awesome about looking after Charlie and Brooke's kids since they can't be bothered, has decided that she can't keep babysitting the duo's MORE

Links: Brooke Mueller’s drug escapades were filmed

Brooke Mueller

→ Yikes: Brooke Mueller was caught on camera smoking crack and buying meth! The Frisky → Duchess Kate only had one other boyfriend before she got with Prince William? Celebitchy → Here are thirteen steps to find out which One Direction member is your soulmate BuzzFeed → Ugh: Cheer Perfection teaches us that urine is the perfect for soothing a burn! SOW → Miley Cyrus went out and twerked with a monkey on her back ... MORE

Brooke Mueller’s not taking her drug trip to Mexico!

Brooke Mueller

Remember how Brooke Mueller was supposed to be taking a trip down to Mexico to cure her addiction to illegal drugs by taking even more illegal drugs? Well, it turns out that Brooke had to axe her plans because she doesn't have a passport. See kids? That's why you need to not do drugs ever. "Brooke made it to the gate with her doctor, who was going to accompany her, but the airline staff wouldn't let her board the plane. Brooke is going to get MORE

Brooke Mueller is a genius!

Brooke Mueller

Pop quiz everyone! Let's say you have a gigantic addiction to every drug know to man, including a few forms of bleach, and you want to get rid of it. Do you: (A) Check yourself into a rehab clinic and focus on what lead you to your drug problems? (B) Take a trip down to a Mexican rehab clinic so that you can take an illegal hallucinogenic drug that they say will cure you of your addiction? If you answered B, congratulations! You're MORE

Brooke Mueller got kicked off a plane again!

Brooke Mueller

Remember that time Brooke Mueller got booted off Charlie Sheen's plane of cocaine and hookers because she wasn't a big enough drug addict? Well, now Brooke got kicked off another plane, this time because she's too much of a drug addict. No really, that's how I'm reading this because the two of them have replaced their blood with heroin. Sources close to Brooke tell TMZ ... just before the plane was about to push back from the gate, Brooke felt MORE

Brooke Mueller does not understand comedy!

Brooke Mueller and Charlie Sheen

Just days after the final, remaining joke about Charlie Sheen had been made, Comedy Central decided to roast him which is sort of like jumping on the bandwagon after the band has already died from drug overdoses and auto-erotic asphyxiation. Anyway, Brooke Mueller has decided to get in on this by declaring that they can make fun of everyone but her, because as we all know, that's how comedy works. Sources close to Mueller tell TMZ ... she MORE

Charlie isn’t getting his kids back anytime soon!

Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller

So earlier we all found out that Charlie Sheen was losing custody of his twins because he's a coke-addicted nutcase with a history of violence and two live-in prostitutes, or as he calls 'em, goddesses. However, Charlie tweeted yesterday that he and ex-wife Brooke Mueller reached a custody agreement, but now that's off because Brooke thinks Charlie is a gigantic media whore. No, you don't say. Charlie tweeted a short time ago he and Brooke MORE

Charlie Sheen lost custody of his kids!

Brooke Mueller and Charlie Sheen

Remember Brooke Mueller? She was married to Charlie Sheen, had twin boys with him, and then he held a knife to her throat and threatened to kill her? Yeah, her. Well, he threatened to kill her (AGAIN) so I guess she finally figured out that maybe her kids shouldn't be spending their time who thinks all women are either (A) prostitutes, or (B) target practice. A judge temporarily stripped Charlie Sheen of custody of his twin sons Tuesday, MORE

Oh don’t date Charlie Sheen again, girl!

So despite the fact that in the space of three months, Charlie Sheen has gone on two benders, banged at least four pornstars and contributed pretty much nothing to society besides a crappy TV show, it seems he and his ex-wife Brooke Mueller are reconciling, because it went so well last time, right? Oh, wait, last time he assaulted her on Christmas and put a knife to her throat. Never mind. "They're talking about it constantly, and Brooke has MORE

The Odd Couple: Paris Hilton and Brooke Mueller

Does anyone know how Paris Hilton suddenly became BFFs with Charlie Sheen's (quite wide-eyed) ex-wife Brooke Mueller? For some reason they just seem like a complete odd couple to me, I wonder how long this friendship will last? 3, 2, 1 ... Socialite Paris Hilton and Charlie Sheen's ex Brooke Mueller shop the afternoon away at Bleu in Los Angeles on January 8th, 2010 where Mueller looks unusually wide eyed and Paris appears to be sporting a tiny MORE

Brooke and Charlie – place your bets now!

good morning & happy friday! do you know what today is? it just so happens to be brooke mueller & charlie sheen's one week wedding anniversary - they've been hitched for an entire seven days! they actually seem like a decent couple together but i can't help thinking - how long is this really going to last?!? the latest issue of OK! magazine is featuring mr. sheen and his new (third) bride on the cover - with more on their low-key beverly hills MORE

Hmmm … is Brooke Mueller pregnant?

good afternoon! i normally don't like to start rumors yet when i saw these recent pics of charlie sheen with his fiancee brooke mueller in las vegas (nov 16th) i couldn't help but notice that she does look pregnant! the dress she's sporting is totally along the lines of jennifer lopez's 'hide the baby bump' flowy & loose fitting outfits from the past few months - plus i do recall seeing an interview with mr. sheen that he'd like to have more MORE

Charlie Sheen and his new love!

oh that charlie sheen...i am certainly not his biggest fan but i am for sure on team sheen vs. team richards...STAR digs a little deeper on his new love - 28 yr old brooke mueller...her step-father john fiore said brooke and charlie met about three months ago, at a private hollywood party. they immediately hit it off, and they've been a couple for the past two months! - brooke hails from florida and originally was trying to be an actress here in MORE