Lady Gaga is still wearing her gun bra like a moron

Lady Gaga

You would figure that, in the wake of a massive shooting that left dozens of young children and school teachers dead, Lady Gaga would be smart enough to retire her gun bra out of tact and respect for the victims. Except no, no she absolutely is not. Via HuffPo ... On Friday, Gaga took the stage wearing a gun bra while performing at the Rogers Arena in Vancouver, Canada for the "Born This Way Ball" tour, according to GossipCop. The bra's cups MORE

Katy Perry’s bra is trying to kill her!

Katy Perry

If you just so happen to love big awesome boobies, then this might be sort of like good news ... almost. According to Starpulse, Katy Perry's insurance company is banning her from wearing a bra. Well, only one in particular: she has this one spinning bra that her hair gets tangled in and now they're making her retire it for the sake of not breaking her neck. Now, if they could make her get rid of all her bras, I'm pretty sure her sales would soar MORE