Guess what the highest-grossing movie of 2013 was?


Oh who are we kidding, we all know it was Iron Man 3. I know. Sorry for the spoilers. Except not really, because Marvel is a gawddamn island in and of itself, and it's basically become the film industry's show pony. Oh, and number two was Despicable Me 2, because people love tic-tac shaped creatures. That wasn't sarcastic; those minions are f*cking ADORABLE. Via HuffPo ... 1. Iron Man 3 - $1,215,439,994 2. Despicable Me 2 - $918,573,535 3. MORE

Justin Bieber’s ‘Believe’ documentary bombed. Hard.

Justin Bieber Believe

I'll be completely straight with you: I have not seen Justin Bieber's new documentary Believe, nor do I have any intention of ever seeing it because why the hell should I? Even the Beliebers who actually like Justin didn't bother going out to see it, because according to RadarOnline, it bombed at the box office. It bombed hard, which kind of makes you wonder if that whole "retirement" thing Justin keeps harping on about might actually come MORE

Iron Man 3: The second-highest opening weekend ever

Iron Man 3

After The Avengers earned so much money that Disney started using $20 bills as napkins, it probably shouldn't be too surprising that Iron Man 3 followed in its footsteps with a massive opening weekend, the second-highest after (guess?) The Avengers. Box Office Mojo reports ... Kicking off the Summer movie season this weekend, Iron Man 3 lived up to sky-high expectations with an estimated $175.3 million haul. That ranks second all-time behind MORE

What are 2012′s biggest box office flops?

The Oogieloves In The Big Balloon Adventure

If the dwindling number of pages on your Far Side calendar hasn't tipped you off yet, 2012 is almost over, and it's almost time for us to wrap up the year with lists! LISTS EVERYWHERE! Well, here's a taste of things to come, as the A/V Club has compiled a list of the biggest 2012 box office flops. 1. The Oogieloves In The Big Balloon Adventure (Box office: $1 million / Budget: $20 million) 2. A Thousand Words (Box office: $20 million / MORE

Box Office: ‘Taken 2′ is still #1

Liam Neeson in 'Taken 2'

Taken 2 held onto the number one spot at the box office this weekend for a second time, raking in $22.5 Million. For those of you who are interested in the movie but not quite willing to pay to see it, this is probably how it went: Someone takes Lima Neeson's daughter. "GIVE ME BACK MY DAUGHTER!" Running punching running punching running kicking running punching. "GIVE ME BACK MY DAUGHTER!" Guns guns guns guns guns bad guy dies. "I HAVE MY MORE

Box Office: ‘Taken 2′ is tops!

Taken 2

First off, Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Canadians! Or, to the Americans, Happy (*snicker*) Columbus Day. No, really, it's totally cool that you guys celebrate a guy who never actually stepped foot in the United States. (And yes, I know, he did land on Puerto Rico once. But it's just not the same ...) Anyway, Taken 2 managed to take first place at the Box Office this weekend with $50 Million, which I'm sure came entirely from people who MORE

Box Office: Hotel Transylvania checks in at #1

Hotel Transylvania

After two complete and total failures at the box office, Adam Sandler may have finally figured out how to actually pull in some money: by completely removing himself from the picture. Hotel Transylvania earned $43 Million over the weekend, which is not only his highest debut since The Longest Yard, but also the highest grossing weekend ever for September... although technically, we are in October. Still, not too shabby. Looper has been getting MORE

Box Office: Jake Gyllenhaal vs. Jennifer Lawrence

Jake Gyllenhaal - End Of Watch

Oh, would you look at that, we have a tie! Honestly, this doesn't happen very often, and when it does it's usually because the Box Office was having kind of an off weekend. But still, this is pretty cool. Anyway, in a tie for first place, we have Jake Gyllenhaal's End of Watch, which was like a cop movie or something, and Jennifer Lawrence's House at the End of The Street, which is ... well, about some scary ass house at the end of the street. MORE

Box Office: ‘Resident Evil: Retribution’ wins big!

Resident Evil: Retribution

Ugh, remember last week when all the movies totally sucked butt and nothing made more than $10 Million? Well, good news! That's been fixed! Resident Evil: Retribution, the latest instalment in the surprisingly long-lasting and surprisingly good Resident Evil series, brought home $21.1 Million, while I'm sure Resident Evil 6 will bombard us with more useless cut-scenes, confusing plots, and unnecessary quick-time events. Yes, yes, we know: MORE

Box Office: The worst weekend in years!

The Possession

For the most part, the end of August / beginning of September is usually the worst time for movies. Everyone is still coming down from the summer blockbusters while simultaneously going back to school, so the combined effect is that (A) no one will go out to watch movies, which will result in (B) no one will want to release any big movies, which will lead to (A) which will lead to (B) and it all just sort of creates this loop of total box office MORE

Box Office: Possession tops, Oogieloves bomb!

The Possession

All right, I'm going to get to the top five in a little bit, but first: We have to talk about The Oogieloves In The BIG Ballon Adventure. WE HAVE. TO TALK. ABOUT THE OOGIELOVES. Okay. So. By now, you've probably heard about how The Oogieloves is breaking records for the worst opening weekend ever for a movie on more than 2,000 screens, earning only $448,000. Ever since the news broke, I've been scouring the Internet for info on the movie, and MORE

Box Office: Nothing made any money!

The Apparition

Yeesh, what a crap week this has been for the box office. To give you a glimpse at how bad things were: none of the movies that premiered this weekend even cracked the top five. So instead of running down the top five, as per usual, I will go down the list and weed out the highlights. The Expendables took first place this weekend with, I swear this is true, $13.5 Million. Normally, that's how much the fifth highest grossing movie makes over MORE

Box Office: Old Guys Make Things Go Boom

The Expendables 2

You know, I almost went to go see The Expendables 2, because the combined sexual forces of Jason Statham and Terry Crews is just ... yup. But then I remembered that Chuck Norris decided to ride the high horse by demanding that all those naughty swear words be taken out of the movie. You know, because mass murder and physical violence are a-okay, but someone droppig an F-bomb when Mr. Statham knocks five years of education out of their skull with MORE

Box Office: The Bourne Legacy is tops!

The Bourne Legacy

Look, you can say "there was never just one ..." all you want, that still doesn't explain away the fact that Matt Damon wouldn't sign off on a fourth Bourne movie. Yet without Damon, The Bourne Legacy still managed to top the weekend box office, pulling in a respectable if not hugely successful $40.2 Million (compared to The Bourne Ultimatum's $69.2 Million, it's not great, but it's still perfectly good.) Fun fact about The Campaign: To MORE