Did Rob Kardashian get botox?

Rob Kardashian

Considering that the Kardashian family is filled with more hazardous, radioactive waste than a Chinese toy factory, it's a small wonder that the CDC hasn't bothered quarantining them from the rest of society. Seriously, I'm pretty sure Kris Jenner is 73% silly putty, 25% used Gak, and 2% Grade F cat meat, all shaped into a vaguely hominid form. Well, allegedly Rob Kardashian is getting in on the game, as the most anonymous Kardashian allegedly MORE

Is Kim Kardashian a Botox whore?

Kim Kardashian

As some of you might remember, Kim Kardashian revealed last year that she had psoriasis, literally saying that if the paparazzi found out, she'd lose her career. She said that to the paparazzi she was telling about her psoriasis. Seriously. Well, like every other completely unremarkable thing in her unremarkable life, Kim has milked it for all its worth, staging a photo-op at a Botox clinic where she gets psoriasis treatments because hey, why not MORE

Things you can’t do w/ your face when you have Botox!

Megan Fox

Apparently there were rumors going around that Megan Fox had Botox because she never shows emotion or moves her face in movies, because obviously there's no other explanation for that. To put the rumors to rest, Megan went ahead and posted pictures of herself running the gamut of emotions from A to A-. Following Kim Kardashian's lead, Megan Fox set out to disprove allegations that she too has altered her appearance. Four pictures were posted MORE