Faking It: That woman with three boobs!

Jasmine Tridevil

UPDATE: Of course this three-breasted woman (aka Jasmine Tridevil) is a complete fraud Technically, this story doesn't really involve any actual celebrities. That being said, it does involve a woman trying to be famous as well as a three boobs, so the internet is currently going bonkers over this one. So let's talk about this. By now, you've probably heard about Jasmine Tridevil, the woman who claims she had a third breast surgically MORE

Instagram hates Rihanna’s boobs


Full disclosure, I don't have an Instagram account and I've never had one. Mostly because I don't get the point of them. Just because you put a sepia filter on your photos, doesn't mean you're #blessed. It means you paid .99 cents for a dumb app to make your photos look worse than they already were. Anyway, now Instagram has decided its too big for its britches by telling Rihanna, one of their more famous users, to stop posting photos with her MORE

Miley Cyrus flashed her boob for German Vogue

Miley Cyrus

I never thought I would say this, but ... I'm getting really tired of posting about celebrity boobs. I mean, I have no real vested interest in them, but at least they used to pop with enough irregularity that they were something to be excited about. It wasn't the boobs; it was the mystery. Well, Miley Cyrus has gone topless so many times now (the latest being in German Vogue) that the mystery has been solved. Turns out, boobs are just human flesh MORE

Katy Perry finger-banged Anna Kendrick’s boobs?

Anna Kendrick

I literally couldn't have written a more click-baiting title if I renamed this post "You Won't Believe How The Top 10 Fingers Katy Perry Stuck In Anna Kendrick's Cleavage Will Change Your Life!" But I won't use that as the title because we're not one of those vacuous, emotionally manipulative blogs where gifs replace actual thoughts and opinions. Anyway, onto the finger-banging, via Team Coco! PHOTO | FAME/FLYNET MORE

Katy Perry grew her boobs through prayer?

Katy Perry

You know what we haven't talked about in a while? Katy Perry's massive boobs. So here she is talking about them to GQ magazine (she's the February 2014 cover girl), and she'll have you know that not only are they real, but she got them from God him / her / shlerself. YES REALLY. “I lay on my back one night and looked down at my feet, and I prayed to God. I said, ‘God, will you please let me have boobs so big that I can’t see my feet when MORE

Miley Cyrus’ Christmas card features her boobs

Miley Cyrus

It's Monday, so here's another picture of Miley Cyrus' boobs. She's consistent, I'll give her that. And apparently it's a plug for Free The Nipple, an organization trying to get rid of the stigma of topless women in public, so I don't have too much bad to say about this. Except maybe that there's no way going topless in the middle of the winter is practical. I get equality, but come on. That's how you catch MORE

Did one of Courtney Stodden’s boobs go missing?

Courtney Stodden

Either that or Doug Hutchison secured custody of one of Courtney Stodden's massive fake boobs in the impending divorce. (But seriously, those are supposed to be real? Seriously? HA! Cute.) https://twitter.com/CourtneyStodden/status/403343069363195905 MORE

It’s Friday, so here’s Lindsay Lohan’s side boob

Lindsay Lohan

The Santa Claus Parade is happening this weekend in Toronto, which means I'm going to be spending this weekend on the edge of my seat waiting to see if our Crack Mayor Rob Ford actually marches in it because guess what? The Crack Mayor wants to march in the parade and give candy to kids he doesn't know. It's practically a parents' dream come true! Anyway, to close out the week, here's Lindsay Lohan's side boob. Because apparently straight guys MORE

ACK: Kim Kardashian’s nighttime cleavage!

Kim Kardashian

Oh my word, I was literally finishing up my post (published mere minutes ago) about Kim Kardashian's lunchtime cleavage show in Paris, and then I came across these new pictures (from the premiere of Mademoiselle C about Carine Roitfeld) taken earlier this evening (with the oh so handsome Riccardo Tisci) in Paris ... this is a full-on "Hey! Look at my boobs!" dress. I totally prefer Kim's more demure daytime pictures, it wasn't pushing things too MORE

Kim Kardashian unleashed her cleavage in Paris

Kim Kardashian

UPDATE: After lunch, Kim hit the red carpet with some seriously out of control cleavage! Gosh, it's too bad Kim Kardashian isn't pregnant again! After giving birth to North West, Kim basically vanished from the Hollywood scene and it was so nice to have a break from her complete and utter overexposure. But we knew she wouldn't be absent for too long, and now she's back in the spotlight with her recent trip to Paris with Kanye West. Kim has MORE

Tina Fey goes topless in a new SNL promo!

Tina Fey and Kenan Thompson

If you haven't really seen it, Tina Fey had the briefest glimpse of a wardrobe malfunction during the Emmys over the weekend, so if you're the kind of person who goes for a slight wink of different colored skin on the breast of a nerdy-hot comedy goddess, here you go. Anyway, Tina is hosting the 39th season premiere of Saturday Night Live (with musical guest Arcade Fire), and decided to poke fun at her nipple slip by going full-on topless. Now MORE

Watch: JT’s explicit new “Tunnel Vision” video

Justin Timberlake "Tunnel Vision"

Here's the new video for cutie Justin Timberlake's latest single, "Tunnel Vision," (with Timbaland) and oh look ... it has naked women in it! Okay yes, I know, most music videos these days have enough naked women in it to fill a nudist colony, but this one actually contains nipple! One little circular patch of slightly darker flesh on the boob, and everyone freaks out. Go figs. Anyway, the song is good (one of the best cuts off his latest album, MORE

Courtney Stodden got cartoonishly large boobs to look ‘more natural’

When we last teen bride and famewhore Courtney Stodden, she was still irrelevant so who gives a sh!t. Well, Courtney's decided that if she's going to be irrelevant and awful, she might as well have a set of really big bolt-ons, so Courtney got herself a can of Fix-A-Flat and pumped up her boobs to a double D-cup. Sensing an opportunity for some easy money, Courtney's mom Krista Keller went to RadarOnline to talk about her daughter's breasts and MORE

Jennifer Love Hewitt: My boobs are worth $5 Million!

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Usually, Mondays are a treasure trove of gossip, except for some reason today is particularly barren. How barren you ask? Well, here's a video of Jennifer Love Hewitt saying that she thinks her big boobs are worth $5 Million. The story from HuffPo ... The 34-year-old actress admitted to USA Today that she would consider getting her breasts insured for somewhere around the $5 million range. "I need, like, an insurance invitation. If somebody MORE