Bobbi Kristina inherits Whitney’s entire estate

Whitney Houston and Bobbi Kristina Brown

Since Bobbi Kristina was the only person in Whitney Houston's life who was actually looking out for Whitney's best interests, rather than enabling her drug addiction for the sake of squeezing a few bucks out of her, it probably shouldn't come as a surprise that Whitney left Bobbi everything she owned in her will, because really, who was she going to leave it to? Bobby Brown? Do you think she wanted everything she owned pawned off for drug money? MORE

Whitney Houston puts her daughter in rehab!

Whitney Houston's daughter in rehab!

A few weeks ago, the National Enquirer published pictures of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown's daughter snorting cocaine, and now apparently Ms. Houston is saying 'Oh hell to the no!' and is ready to put Bobbi Kristina Brown (who just turned 18 on March 4th) straight into an outpatient rehab program! If this is indeed true (we are talking about the Enquirer) then this is definitely a step in the right direction before things get totally out of MORE

Bobbi Kristina doing coke? Oh hell to the no!

Bobbi Kristina Brown

I guess it really is true, the apple never falls very far from the tree. The latest issue of National Enquirer contains a picture the tabloid claims is Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown's seventeen-year-old daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown snorting a line of cocaine! We all know the many troubles Ms. Houston has had in the past with drugs (who knows what she's really up to these days since her comeback didn't go as planned), if this is indeed Bobbi MORE