Amy & Blake together … this can’t be good!

oh gosh - why is amy winehouse still hanging out with her ex-hubby blake fielder-civil?! over the past few months there have been rumors that amy has been rekindling her (bad) romance with blake but i hadn't seen any pictures of them together - until now - major ugh! the lovebirds paid a late-night visit to some medical clinic over in london together - doing only god knows what - the couple proved to be a super bad combination before - i don't MORE

Oh please … say it ain’t so!

hey hey! i was out most of the day - when i came home i discovered this bad news ... apparently blake fielder-civil told the sun last night in london that he's back with his ex-wife amy winehouse - not only is the messy couple dating again but supposedly they're engaged! amy was spotted a few weeks ago wearing a ring but then it sounded like she wasn't with blake again but i guess it's back on! he even mentioned they'd like to have children - my MORE

Is Amy Winehouse engaged?

oh no! there was a rumor the other day that amy winehouse might be reuniting with her ex-hubby blake fielder-civil - which would be a totally disastrous move - the two of them together spell nothing but trouble! amy was spotted walking around london with what appears to be an engagement ring (rumors suggest they're getting hitched in three months) i'm hoping and praying amy comes to her senses and decides not to get involved with him again - she MORE

Blake blames himself for Amy’s addictions!

hey hey! in the seemingly never ending saga of my dear amy winehouse (her life is totally material for lifetime's next movie of the week) her soon to be ex-hubby blake fielder-civil is now claiming responsibility for turning ms. winehouse into a drugged out zombie - he blames himself for introducing her to the good times of heroin, crack cocaine, and self-mutilation (every parents dream of what a future son in-law might bring their daughter) MORE

Not Cute: Amy Winehouse smokin’ crack!

oh man - my amy winehouse is up to no good again - it just kills me to see her make a mess of herself when she has the world at her fingertips - i swear her album back to black (her blonde hair needs to go back to black...) is quite possibly the best album to come out in the past decade (ok maybe i'm being way over dramatic - but seriously it's that good!) the UK paper the sun got hold of some recent video footage (shot early in morning on jna MORE

This is insane! Oh my Amy Winehouse!

BREAKING NEWS: Amy Winehouse has passed away at age 27! Ok I was basically shutting down for the night but then I happened to come across this insane story over on UK's Daily Mail involving Amy Winehouse and her hubby Blake Fielder-Civil! They apparently got into a bloody brawl - just have a look at her below - gosh she's such a trainwreck and we should all be very worried - she's going to end up dead if she doesn't pull herself together - MORE

Mazel Tov to Amy Winehouse and new hubby Blake!

hey hey! today our messy (but oh so lovable) amy winehouse did get married to her boyfriend blake fielder-civil down in miami in a small civil ceremony - first there were initial reports that she was going to get hitched this weekend - then it seemed to be called off but word broke this afternoon that she in fact said 'i do, i do, i do' - amy's rep said 'the newlywed couple is very happy...' i've posted on ms. winehouse a bunch of times but if MORE