Beyoncé unveils ‘4’ album cover!

Beyoncé - 4

Earlier tonight we got a look at Beyoncé's new music video for Run The World (Girls), now the album cover has just been released for her upcoming album 4, along with a street date - June 28th - which isn't really all that far off! I think the cover is striking and super simple, that photo of her is totally stunning, thankfully she didn't try to photoshop her head onto a motorcycle or go crazy with text effects! Columbia Records will MORE

Beyoncé – Run The World (Girls) – The video!

Beyoncé - Run The World (Girls)

Here's the brand new music video from Beyoncé for Run The World (Girls), the first single off her upcoming album, simply titled 4 (which also happens to be her fourth solo effort). To be honest, I'm not overly crazy about the song (there's just way too much going on, even though I do love the Major Lazer sample) but I think the video is pretty damn fierce, girlfriend looks totally amazing. I'm not sure if this video will help the song climb the MORE

Beyoncé ruined Christmas for 70 people!


I've never really had much of an opinion on Beyoncé, mostly because she kind of stayed out of the media crosshairs which made her kind of a boring subject. Well, those days are over because apparently, a video game company is now suing her over a project that fell through because of her. But wait, there's more! Not only did her diva demands for more money cause the game they were working on to get canned, but 70 employees got fired because of MORE

Listen: Beyoncé – Run The World (Girls)

Beyonce - Run The World (Girls)

UPDATE! Beyoncé’s much-anticipated lead single from her upcoming as-yet-untitled fourth solo album, premieres on radio worldwide tomorrow. Run The World (Girls) will make its radio debut at 8:00 AM EST in the US/1:00 PM GMT in the UK. The single will be available worldwide for sale on iTunes starting Thursday morning. Run The World (Girls) was produced by Switch with additional production by Beyoncé and Shea Taylor. The song was written by MORE

Beyoncé on the set of her new music video!


I'm so ready for the return of my gal Beyoncé who was just spotted on the set of her new music video filming here in Los Angeles. Supposedly she's dropping a new album (her 4th solo release) this summer, with a single hopefully coming soon. Rumors are saying the song is called Girl but I have a feeling that's not correct, because that was actually the name of a 2005 Destiny's Child track! Based on the pictures below, it looks like Beyoncé is MORE

Beyoncé donated her Qaddafi money too!


With Nelly Furtado publicly announcing that she'd be getting rid of the money paid to her by Muammar 'Batshit Insane Cape Guy' Qaddafi, Beyoncé has now come forward saying that she's also donated the money given to her by Qaddafi once everyone figured out that he was an insane dictator who murders his own people. All monies paid to Beyoncé for her performance at a private party at Nikki Beach St. Barts on New Year's Eve 2009, including the MORE

Celebrities Get Better Presents Than You!

Remember how when you were a kid, you were told that only nice kids get presents from Santa, yet the rich douchebag at school always got WAY better presents than you did even though he would eventually grow up to commit vehicular homicide? Good times. Anyway, it's true even when you grow up, because Jay-Z just plunked down $35,000 on Berkin Bags for his wife, Beyonce. It was a very merry Christmas for Beyonce, as husband Jay-Z bought her $350,000 MORE

Video Fix: Beyoncé does ‘Say My Name’

Here's my girl Beyoncé doing her smash Destiny's Child 1999 hit Say My Name during her I Am ... World Tour which is coming to DVD/CD later this month! (The show was fantastic, I saw it here in Los Angeles) There's also a 90-minute special airing on November 25th (Thanksgiving) over on ABC at 9:30pm! xo MORE

All the pregnant ladies, put your hands up!

... Hey, it was either that or "If you liked it then you shoulda put your sperm in it", but there's only so much I can get away with in the header. Anyway, it's (almost) official: Beyoncé is pregnant! And uh ... Ummmmmm ... Fuck, I already used my one Single Ladies joke, didn't I? Well, what if I said her baby is Destiny's Child? Oh God you're right, that is lame. Read the blurb while I drink until I forget how much I suck. "B was shocked. She MORE

video fix: beyoncé – why don’t you love me?

oh here's a totally pleasant surprise - a new music video from beyoncé for a song called why don't you love me? (co-written with her sister solange knowles) hopefully this is starting to help build buzz for her follow-up album to i am ... sasha fierce! she's playing a gal named b.b. homemaker - dressed up like a fifties pin-up model as she tends to a bunch of tasks around the house - it's unlike anything she's done before - of course being the MORE

lady gaga & beyoncé – telephone – the poster!

i promise this will be my last post about lady gaga and beyoncé's new telephone music video (which has been viewed over nine million times on youtube already!) below is this amazing promotional (not that the video needs anymore promoting) movie poster created by joey james productions - i must have one! according to interscope they will soon be running a contest - and you can win a limited edition lithograph of the poster! i hope everyone is MORE

video fix: behind-the-scenes of ‘telephone’!

hey hey! now that practically everyone has seen the highly-anticipated telephone music video with lady gaga and beyoncé - check out this behind-the-scenes video below! although i do think the new video is totally fantastic - i still like gaga's previous effort bad romance better (which i hope wins video of the year at the next VMAs) but not matter which video you like better - you simply can't deny that gaga is definitely the most exciting MORE

lady gaga & beyoncé – telephone – the video!

UPDATE! watch a behind-the-scenes look at the making of telephone! oh happy day! it's almost here ... the music video we've all been patiently waiting for ... lady gaga and beyoncé's super hot collaboration telephone! it is supposed to premiere on E! news later tonight but i'm hoping it will leak before that - so stay tuned! for now enjoy some of the stills below - i'll post the video as soon as it pops up online! popbytes over & out for now ... MORE

ah, so that’s why she’s in rio!

oh i feel like i'm on the beyoncé beat lately! gossip has been so slow recently - i swear those days when britney spears lost her mind were the golden days of celebrity blogging - for months everyday i woke up to discover girlfriend had been up to something totally insane the night before (like shaving her head!) anyways back to ms. knowles ... last night we saw her wake up in rio de janeiro - i was wondering what she's doing down there (besides MORE