Video: Bat for Lashes’ “Lilies”

Bat for Lashes "Lilies"

Here's the latest music video from Bat for Lashes (aka Natasha Khan) for "Lilies." It's the new single from her third album, The Haunted Man, which was for sure one of last year's best releases. I was hoping to catch her here in Los Angeles (I've seen her live three times already), but sadly Natasha didn't do much US promotion for this album, which is a total shame since it's quite brilliant! However for those of you attending Coachella, she will MORE

Video: Bat for Lashes’ “All Your Gold”

Bat for Lashes "All Your Gold"

I'm so obsessed with Bat for Lashes aka the gorgeous and super talented Natasha Khan! She has a new album coming out soon called The Haunted Man (out on October 23rd via Capitol Records, pre-order now), and it's amazing, I especially love the track "All Your Gold," which was selected as the second official single (behind "Laura"), a totally smart move. Watch the brand-new music video below, and don't miss our recent interview with Ms. Khan MORE

Exclusive: PopBytes talks with Bat for Lashes

Bat for Lashes / Natasha Khan / The Haunted Man

Bat For Lashes’ Natasha Khan is ready to expose herself to the world. The October release of the singer’s third album, The Haunted Man, promises to show both a more vulnerable and confident side of the indie darling than did her critically acclaimed first two albums, 2006’s Fur and Gold and 2009’s Two Suns. Having already garnered multiple BRIT Award nominations (the British counterpart to the American Grammy Awards), Natasha has MORE

Inside the Bat for Lashes listening party!

Natasha Khan / Bat for Lashes

(EDITOR'S NOTE: Stay tuned, next week we will be posting an exclusive interview with Natasha Khan / Bat for Lashes, conducted by our own Alex Nagorski.) Natasha Kahn who is better known by her stage name Bat for Lashes is about to release a new album in October. It's been three years since her critically acclaimed album Two Suns was released. Her song "Daniel" from said album appeared on almost every playlist I compiled in 2009. According to MORE

bat for lashes – sleep alone – video

ok so the new bat for lashes video totally made my day (monday was seeming especially dreary until i saw this) it's for the third single sleep alone off the album two suns - it's super trippy and cool - watch it below! i've had the extreme pleasure of having seen natasha khan (BFL is her pseudonym) twice live (she's beyond gorgeous and very talented) and luckily i'm catching her again on august 31st when she swings by los angeles again! (at henry MORE

bat for lashes – pearl’s dream – video

hey hey! oh my word - i'm super tired - today i was supposed to take my pal lisa down to san diego for the day but on our way there we spontaneously decided to just skip SD and go straight to disneyland - which turned out to be a lot less driving - and of course we had a total blast! this was my 6th time going there - gosh - i could go there all the time - i love it - plus it wasn't overly crowded and it was overcast so it didn't get too hot at MORE

bat for lashes – daniel – video!

good morning! almost two weeks ago i featured the new bat for lashes song daniel - and today i bring you the amazing video which was just released yesterday - i was already totally in love with the song - and the video is simply stunning! singer natasha khan is super gorgeous - and obviously has a thing for the karate kid - whose name happened to be 'daniel' - you can spot him at the end of the video plus on the cover of the single - he's painted MORE

bat for lashes – daniel

good morning everyone! i'm so pumped up over the new bat for lashes' (brain child of the lovely & talented natasha khan) album two suns which is releasing on april 6th (the debut album fur & gold was my top favorite album of 2007) ms. khan & company are back with a totally kick-ass sophomore effort - thankfully it leaked in its entirety a few weeks ago so i've spent plenty of time listening and i'm completely satisfied - i can't wait to see MORE

popbytes’ top 10 favorite albums of ’07!

hey hey! oh my gosh - it might not look like it but this post was a ton of work and i'm so happy it's finally done! (i spent most of tonight obsessing over this post) overall i'm pretty pleased with how it all turned out - below you will find my top ten favorite albums of the year (kinda in order but it's not set in stone) i don't claim to be a music critic at all but these are the albums that got trapped in my CD player & ipod - when i like MORE

bat for lashes los angeles show!

well hello hello hello! the other night i was able to attend bat for lashes (featured here on monday) last show here in the states (they hail from brighton UK) when they played LA's spaceland over in silverlake - sometimes i hate to go out during the week but most of the good shows seem to land on a weekday! i arrived about 10pm - i should have gotten there a little later - the gals didn't take to the stage until around 11:50 - i was growing a MORE

bat for lashes – horse & i

good morning! this week i've got an amazing track & band to share with you - the song is horse & i from bat for lashes (join the band on myspace) whose debut album fur and gold finally hits the US tomorrow! the brains behind the kooky but very interesting operation belongs to brit natasha khan who is joined by 'accomplices' ginger lee, abi fry & lizzy carey - i get pitched left & right to post on music and i'm a tough customer to satisfy but MORE