Avril Lavigne is defending that “Hello Kitty” mess

Avril Lavigne

Yesterday, Avril Lavigne the music video for "Hello Kitty," and the world collectively looked around, flustered, and muttered, "wait ... Avril is still a thing?" And then there was a big discussion about whether or not it was racist or cultural appropriation or just garden variety stupid. Well, Avril isn't going to take this sitting down, and has fired back by going on Facebook and typing "LOLOLOL!" So that's the kind of discussion we're having MORE

Stop that Avril Lavigne, just stop that

Avril Lavigne

Because Avril Lavigne is so punk rock, here's her new video for "Hello Kitty," where she sings about an international corporate mascot to dubstep. This might be an unpopular opinion, but Mac and Me was more punk rock and anti-establishment than Avril, and that was a movie about a boy stuffing an E.T. rip-off with McDonald's and Coca-Cola until it sh!t money. This is the musical equivalent of cake farts. MORE

Avril Lavigne kissed Winnie Cooper for “Rock N Roll”

Avril Lavigne and Danica McKellar

Remember Avril Lavigne? She was huge back when you were in the sixth grade and she almost made wearing ties look cool? And then for some reason she turned into a cheerleader and everyone sort of just went, "Okay. Bye then." Well, she's back with a new music video for "Rock N Roll," which features a drunk driving doberman, knife-fighting lobsters, a bear shark, and a lesbian kiss with The Wonder Year's Winnie Cooper (aka Danica McKellar). Which MORE

Avril Lavigne and Brody Jenner broke up

Avril Lavigne and Brody Jenner with Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries

For the sake of this post, just pretend it's still 2004 and these two a-holes are still relevant. Anyway, annoying screechy faux-rocker chick Avril Lavigne and douchey Kardashian satellite Brody Jenner have ended their relationship after who gives a shit years, citing irreconcilable douche-ferences. They're differences, but douchier. Us Weekly reports: Calling it quits last week, Lavigne, 25, and Jenner, 26, clashed over how to balance their MORE

Avril Lavigne nearly got “attacked”

Avril Lavigne

I've never really been a fan of Avril Lavigne, mostly because generally she acts super assy and her music is annoying pop bullshit, despite the fact that she tries to come off as some sort of punk chick. Except not really because when a crazy fan tried to run up and hug her during a concert the other night, Avril ended up screaming and running away, because, you know, that's how they handle it in punk rock. About to launch into Coldplay's "Fix MORE

Avril Lavigne is soooooo edgy!

Avril Lavigne

Because she has a new album to sell and she needs some sort of hackneyed way to pimp it out, Avril Lavigne decided to show off just how totally PUNK ROCK!!! she is by getting a neck tattoo and then tweeting about it. Which is kind of a shame, since the tattoo in question is super lame and neck tattoos are about as edgy as a kitten made of doilies. The singer tweeted on Saturday that "'I'm getting a f**ing neck tattoo." Very hardcore. She then MORE

If you love London so much, why don’t you stay there?

Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne totally set herself up for this one, I don't want to offend anyone out there who might be a diehard fan of Avril's (I only hear crickets right now), but I can't freakin' stand her! Her sound is so like ten years ago, and she still thinks she's a rebel and all punk (meanwhile she's dating one of the biggest douchebags in Hollywood, Brody Jenner). Plus girlfriend is super obnoxious, remember when she spit at a paparazzo a few years MORE