Audrina Patridge got canceled!

Audrina Patridge

I have no idea why, but apparently something clicked in people's heads to make them stop watching reality shows about uninteresting, untalented celebrities (see: Kate + 8, The World According to Paris). So it shouldn't come as a surprise that the Huffington Post is reporting that Audrina Patridge's show is canceled. Yeah, I know. Now where am I supposed to watch a woman stare at the ceiling for no discernible reason while talking in a tone of MORE

Audrina Patridge’s new reality show, will you watch?

Audrina Patridge and Family

I can't seem to stay from any reality shows (it's a sickness that can't be cured), and so I'll probably need to tune into Audrina Patridge's (aka 'Ceiling Eyes' from The Hills) new show simply titled Audrina when it premieres on VH1 on April 17th. Although watching her is basically akin to watching paint dry, her crazy ass (drunk) mom Lynn Patridge should definitely make things a bit more interesting (remember her drunken tirade when she went on MORE

Break-Ups are back in style, apparently!

Audrina Patridge and Corey Bohan

It seems everyone's gotten over that Christmas-time engagement riot, because not one but two d-list starlets have just broken up with their boyfriends at the same time! First up: Ashley Olsen has broken up with Justin Bartha, who was that guy in The Hangover that no one remembers. Ashley Olsen is flying solo. Two sources confirm in the new issue of Us Weekly (on stands now) that the 24-year-old fashion designer has split with her boyfriend MORE

Audrina Patridge was raised by this …

With Audrina Patridge getting kicked off of Dancing With The Washed-Up Has-Beens No One Cares About and landing a brand new reality TV show, Audrina's mom, Lynn Patridge, decided to share a couple choice words with the paparazzi. And these words were soaked in about five boxes of wine, because as we all know, stage moms need booze the way people need oxygen and water. Lynn, drunk and smoking a cigarette, told paparazzi outside LA restaurant Beso, MORE

‘The Hills’ will not go away!

I won't lie: I was positively giddy when it was announce that The City was going off the air, because I firmly believed that it would finally, FINALLY keep everyone associated with The Hills off of television forever. Well, I was mistaken, because Audrina Patridge, who was that girl who did that thing on that show I don't care about, is getting another TV show. I have to go eat an entire can of whipped cream out of self-pity now. Excuse me. "The MORE

‘The Hills’ just isn’t the same without Lauren!

hey kids! did anyone else catch the 5th season premiere of the hills last night? it's been a guilty pleasure of mine for a few years now but i was worried about the loss of main character & narrator lauren 'LC' conrad - and everything i was fretting over turned out to be true - i don't think i can deal with the show much longer - it felt really awkward without LC at the helm! as for the new girl in town kristin cavallari - who now narrates the MORE

Audrina Patridge is an angel for animals!

good evening everyone! who else watched the hills last night? i can't seem to turn away from the faux drama but i definitely think the show has run its course - if lauren conrad isn't part of the show anymore - MTV needs to end the show - and perhaps do a spin-off focusing on some of the other characters (dare i say heidi montag and spencer pratt - they're highly annoying but oddly entertaining) at the heart of it all - it's all about LC - and MORE

Audrina Patridge’s new tattoo is gone …

hey hey! it looks like hills star audrina patridge's new tattoo was indeed a set-up for cutie ashton kutcher's 'punk the paparazzi' reality show pop fiction - below are pictures of audrina taken last night in las vegas at pure nightclub where she made her debut as a 'pussycat doll' - and there's no sign of a tattoo on her inner left arm! (in this picture you can see a little bit of the ink still on her arm) she's been all over the place since her MORE

Audrina Patridge gets a new tattoo!

UPDATE! it turns out the whole tattoo scene was a set-up for ashton kutcher's reality show pop fiction where he tricks paparazzi (and bloggers) into believing various 'celebrity' happenings - the tatt actually reads pork oil fried rice! so what's a girl to do after a naked picture scandal? well as for hills star audrina patridge - she got a new tattoo (to add to the one already on her neck) earlier today on her inner left forearm (down on la MORE