Michael Lohan talks Ashley Horn’s plastic surgery


Michael Lohan is pretty much an expert on judging when someone is riding Lindsay Lohan's coattails, specifically since that's really his only means of making money. When he has to list his occupation on his taxes, he just writes "my daughter is famous." Anyway, one of Michael's illegitimate love children, Ashley Horn, decided to spend $25,000 to look like LiLo, and now Michael is calling her out for using Lindsay for an easy buck. That's his MORE

“I got plastic surgery to look like Lindsay Lohan!”

Ashley Horn and Lindsay Lohan

Oh lordy, this is all kinds of crazy! In Touch magazine has an exclusive interview with Ashley Horn who is Lindsay Lohan's half-sister (Michael Lohan had an affair with Ashley's mom), and apparently she got plastic surgery to look like LiLo. Ashley claims she spent $25,000 on a bunch of procedures to look like 'Lindsay in her good days.' Talk about a complete waste of money, I could think of a million things better to do with that kind of money, MORE

Lindsay Lohan wants nothing to do with her new half-sister Ashley Horn

Lindsay Lohan, Michael Lohan and Ashley Horn

I'm not sure if you heard this, but last week, Lindsay Lohan found out that she had a half-sister named Ashley Horn after Father of the Year Michael Lohan took a paternity test on a daytime talk show because that's how he rolls. You would figure that having a blood relative who is at this point more-or-less sane and stable would be a good thing for LiLo, except it turns out she's adamant about no wanting anything to do with the only non-crackhead MORE