Ashley Greene on Kristen Stewart’s scandalous affair

Ashley Greene

You know the story: Boy meets girl on the set of a terrible movie. Boy and girl fall in studio mandated Love™ (Love™ being a wholly owned trademark of the Monsanto company.) Girl cheats on boy with the married director of her movie. Boy and girl break up. Studio realizes that movie featuring a horribly unhealthy relationship can't be sold to impressionable young women without the staged real-life romance between the leads. Boy and girl MORE

Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene are over!

Joe Jonas

So the Joe Jonas, who I think is the Jonas brother who doesn't look like either a twelve-year-old girl or Frankenstein with a brillo pad glued to the top of his head, has apparently broken up with Ashley Greene, the chick from Twilight who isn't Kristen Stewart and who wasn't nominated for an Oscar for Up In The Air. So basically, two very pretty nobodies broke up and now maybe you can sleep with one of them. Or both, if you happen to swing both MORE